Apollo The All in One Crypto currency Is it a scam ?

You might ask yourself why the price of APL is too low ? and you might answer it is because if Top Tech is selling his 400M. you are wrong.!!!!

Let us start with a bit of history.

Apollo is coin that was created as a fork of jelurida NXT with total supply of 30B. And then they did Coin Distribution Event (CDE) and not ICO.

As CDE they were able to sell APL in the US and even accepting credit card and wired transfer.

53% of the supply was allocated to the private and public sell according to the white papers CDE.(Link)

53% from 31B = 15.9B

Airdrop to next 10% = 3B

All the rest is under the control of the foundation = 12B.

Investor has to trust the foundation that they will allocate the funds as promised but APL foundation never shared their wallets publicly.

During the CDR, investors were receiving fund mainly from to address :



You can check all transaction made by this account including the private one using NXT tool:


Using the API of the snakeoil we could investigate a little the History of APL :

We can see that the Genesis account is : APL-MRCC-2YLS-8M54–3CMAJ

The genesis account is an account with a negative balance and any amount send to that address will be burned and we can see that on the 09–06–2018 The account received an incoming payment of

8.8B which means that the foundation did burned the unsold coins.

you can see the that the transaction is coming from APL-QUVH-TG9B-64ZS-7GK57 this address was funded by the address : APL-4BUY-KK5W-B3KC-DMHBM one of the mains addresses used for the funding.

After the burn the supply changed to :

31B -8.8 = 21B (total supply)

The Community has 7.1B + 3B (NXT holder) = 10.1B

10.1B/21B = 48%

The foundation controls 52% of the supply and they never publish address where they are holding this 11B.

After APL got listed in the 1st exchange investors so the price dumping from 0.006 to 0.002 In 24H a huge dump it was a big surprise for investors because the CDE ended with a price of 0.005 so in less then 24H pretty much no one was in profit except for the one that has free coins, and from what we see there is someone that has 11B of FREE coins.

We are saying that they are free because they have already sold 10.1B in Crypto and fiat in average this : 40M USD enough to cover the development and the poor marketing and exchange listing .

if they have invested 1M at the start (we are being very generous here) they already have X40, so the 11B APL are free coins.

Using NXT tool again we can see that IDAX (the largest APL exchange) has an address : APL-XTER-8JCF-K2ZE-D2ZUA Today there are : 838M APL in Idax in sell orders.

To understand that we need explain how IDAX works.

Basically when you create an account with IDAX it will provide with your unique and personal wallet address (E.G : APL-XXX-XXX-XXXX) where you can deposit your APL.

once you put a sell order it will transfer the funds from your personal account to the exchange wallet : APL-XTER-8JCF-K2ZE-D2ZUA, We hope that this will explain why We are saying that the 800M are ready to be dumped meaning in sell orders.

If you use the API tool provided by (http://snakeoil.jelurida.com:7876/test) you can create API calls and query the Data Base.

there is a call getBlockchainTransactions if you query for the APL-XTER-8JCF-K2ZE-D2ZUA, you will get all the transactions done by the exchange in JSON file, you can create script that will group the transactions and you will get a list of the wallet that sold since day one(APL Please note that the API display 8 extra zeros 1M will be 1000 000 00 000 000)

if you don’t want to do the Job here is the list :

This are only the 7 Accounts , We can get the total amount of APL sold by summing all the transaction sent to IDAX wallet APL-XTER-8JCF-K2ZE-D2ZUA — the actual balance 800M

This will give us : 2B — 800M = 1.2B

if we take in consideration that 95% of the time the price was under CDE this will leave us with 2 option ;

1) Investor lost the trust in the project and they are selling at loss (Not probable).

2) People with free coins are selling.

The 90% of ppl that got free coins they got them via airdrop so you might think yeah the airdropped are selling most of them got around 10K-20K APL : if you sell them at 0.002 it is 10USD to 20USD it not very likely knowing that the all the airdrop are around 200M-500M and most of them are lost because of the passphrase.

I will investigate the top Wallets and try to figure out who they are (thanks to snakeoil) .

IDAX personal Wallet APL-WLAN-S6L8-TT8X-62KG9 Sold 160M

We can see that this personal IDAX wallet is getting funds from :


This account has an actual balance of 8 APL and it seems to be a very active making big payment of 7M and 10M

This account same account was funding by :

APL-NZKH-MZRE-2CTT-98NPZ with a transaction of 150M

APL-4BUY-KK5W-B3KC-DMHBM with a transaction of 180M

You remember this wallets ? they are the foundation wallets

For us it is clear that this account is controlled by the foundation, they can claim that this account belongs to a big investor they just have to provide the community with a proof of payment in crypto or credit card , made before the 27–03–2018 (300K USD ) and an other payment on the 30–05–2018 (720K USD at price of 0.004).

Here is a screenshot where you can see this account making some payment of 10M and one of 100M

Lot of transaction before Exchange listing !!! why an investor will be doing that ? it make more sense that it was the foundation paying for services like videos , Marketing Ext…

IDAX personal wallet APL-87FT-ULEC-JPJB-E5PC4 sold : 112M

This wallet was funded mainly by :

1) APL-469Z-WW63-Z9YD-HZAXK with 32M it still has a balance of 70M and has an alias : Advisors

It seems that this is the foundation wallet to pay advisors

2) APL-XTRB-6ECP-Y4JH-679P6 with 20M the wallet has a balance of 200K and an alias : DevGuru Dev ???

3) APL-LGBS-2WMD-BRQ7–6PNYU with 16M it has a balance of 400M and an alias ApolloMarketing

4) APL-QYWU-5HF4-LG4J-7YEQN with 10M it has a balance of 76M and an alias Airdrop2020

All this wallets are controlled by the foundation as you can see in the screenshots



This wallet was funded by APL-V6B2-NFG9-ER23–9TKWU with a transaction of 39M and the

The APL-V6B2-NFG9-ER23–9TKWU was funded by APL-NZKH-MZRE-2CTT-98NPZ with 2 transactions of 350M it has a balance of 38M I let you guess where are the 700M !!!

APL-QYWU-5HF4-LG4J-7YEQN was funded by APL-V6B2-NFG9-ER23–9TKWU with 87M, the APL-V6B2-NFG9-ER23–9TKWU we just saw who sent 700M.

It is interesting to see that all this transaction were done using private transactions if view the same wallet in the APL wallet we will see

All the big transaction were done using private transaction, the foundation has something to hide ?


dumped 100M funded by : APL-8H29-LNRW-8P7C-9WBCN with 100M

the APL-8H29-LNRW-8P7C-9WBCN was funded by APL-F26E-KU9E-BLHW-H2GZJ” with 200M the

APL-F26E-KU9E-BLHW-H2GZJ was funded by APL-NZKH-MZRE-2CTT-98NPZ with 800M

I will not continue with the rest of the accounts I think that it is enough to know that the top 3 dumper with a total of around 400M are directly linked with the foundation , accounts were funded by the : APL-4BUY-KK5W-B3KC-DMHBM and APL-NZKH-MZRE-2CTT-98NPZ the main foundation wallets.

Most of the transaction were done in private (hidden) from the community.

You might think that the foundation has the right to sell/dump to pay for services likes exchange listing ext ext…

So the questions are

  • what they did with the 40M USD that they got from the CDE ?
  • Where they spent our money ?
  • Why they are selling at this price 0.002 ?

I have seen lot of APL admins saying Apolo to the moon and it will hit 1 USD and 10 USD why They request us to hold and sell at 1 USD, is it not more profitable for them to hold and sell the 400M APL at 1 USD and make 400M ?

And knowing that they still have Billions of APL to sell how in earth the price can go up if they are selling at 0.002 and lower ?

Before starting my reach I was convinced that I will see that Top Tech as the top dumper but to my surprise it is not him the top 3 are accounts are APL foundation.

And everyone is blaming him to be the big dumper.

If you have any questions leave a comment and I will do my best to answer.

Thanks You.