Complement for PART 2 Apollo The All in One Crypto currency Is it a scam

This is not part 3 of our series of articles to demonstrate that APL is a scam

Link for part1 and part2 :

This is a small addition to answer questions that we received in PM form APL community saying that they are basic users in crypto and they could not understand Part1 and Part2.

We thought that we could simplify the information given in Part 1 and Part2 in this complementary article

We will try to add some light to the average user.

Here will address 1 points only:

Foundation is not linked with the wallet selling.

After long discussion between us we concluded that the best way to explain the link. Is to do an illustration that shows the link between the wallet (Fig-01)

in Fig-01 you can see the address sending to the IDAX personal wallet 62KG9 with a total of 163M(Sold) this wallet is IDAX personal the owner did KYC,so can request from IDAX as community to share the identity of the Seller.

The wallet APL-G2X4-GQVS-QLEY-5TNFB. Is the main wallet that sent to the IDAX wallet 62KG9.

in Fig-02 we will illustrate the connections of this wallet(5TNFB) with other wallets from the APL team and the route that they use to dump APL in IDAX.

It is complex but we will simplify later on.

We can see that the wallet ending by : 5TNFB is using 3 Different wallets to sell in IDAX and using multiple small wallet to cover the dump.

The foundation claims that the wallet: 5TNFB belongs to a large investor without showing you any little proof ( you have to believe in what they say!! 😊 or you are FUDer )

We think that this is not true (And we try to always give proof for our claims).

So here what the blockchain says (it Never lies ):

On the day : 27/03/2018 at : 20:24:32

APL-NZKH-MZRE-2CTT-98NPZ sent to 5TNFB = 150M

2 Hours later this “Large investor” start sending transaction on 10M to several accounts:

As you can see in the figure:

From this transaction you can see very clearly that the APL-G2X4-GQVS-QLEY-5TNFB (That dumped already 163M APL).

Is paying Team member

and we proved that ROSTYSLAV GOLDA was the one that received the 1st a transaction in Apollo Blockchain 1st day that the clone from NXT was performed.

Some Picture to show the Team members and their wallets:

Note : They have deleted their aliases But lucky enough we can still use the API provided by the APL wallet it self and check the addresses to see the aliases !!!!!(Nice try APL !!!)

After we presented all this payment and proofs do you still think that it is a “Large investor” ?

We personally don’t!!!! APL can prove us wrong and have some respect for the community and answer this by some fact and profs, words are not enough.

Same questions raises again and again

Why the team is selling APL if they are everyday saying that APL will moon ?


The foundation is doing everything to hide/blind your eyes, they deleted aliases hoping that we will not figure out, this group of ppl is ready to whatever it takes to continue scamming you.

Why would we as investor trust words of people that are ready to manipulate the data to lie to us ?

They seem to forget that the main reason why the blockchain was created is because it is immutable, You can’t change the past if you use the blockchain.

And as we don’t trust them, we have copies of the blockchain , so don’t try again APL, 😊


We will be glad if APL foundation the Privacy Coins that cant even provide privacy to it own TEAM challenges us , and says that we are lied about TEAM Members deleting their aliases.

More truth is coming in PART3 including :

  • Lies about the CDE ( they have never sold what they claim)
  • Lies about the technology
  • Security follows in the CODE
  • Comments from known blockchain developers regarding the quality of the code
  • Others