cryptoGEEKS and Mobilum team up to bring the Mobilum platform and ICO to market.

Jun 21, 2018 · 2 min read
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cryptoGEEKS has been selected by Mobilum as their blockchain and ICO advisors, assisting in launching its exciting products which will soon be introduced to the market.

Mobilum is a payment processing platform which enables real-time cryptocurrency payments at points of sale using customers existing debit or credit card. The Mobilum platform consists of the ‘Mobilum Smart Contract’ powered by MBM token and the ‘Mobilum Wallet’, the mobile application.

Mobilum directly connects every cryptocurrency with any payment card, regardless of the issuing provider: MasterCard, MIR, UnionPay, JCB, Visa, Diners’ Club, Discover, AMEX, Belkart and many more.
Mobilum is trying to fit one of the missing puzzle pieces that cryptocurrency holders and users have been waiting for. It intends to make life easy for everyone who spends money in any digital currency as explained better in this short video below.

Mobilum Wallet plans to have the following features available in its suite of offering to its clients. This includes :

  • Multicurrency (crypto & fiat)
  • Real-time conversion rates
  • Scan your card and add to the wallet
  • Multi-sig functionality
  • Supports Bitcoin, Ether (family) and Dash, more to come
  • Supports ANY fiat currency
  • Web, Hybrid, Android, and iOS

You can visit Mobilum’s website in order to know more and also participate in their ICO on

cryptoGEEKS is a boutique software company focusing on bespoke blockchain solutions, specialising in technical consultation, ICO advisory services, ICO platform and bespoke blockchain development. cryptoGEEKS is the blockchain technical element required in every successful blockchain project with experience in developing smart contracts and blockchain related product. Established in Estonia, cryptoGEEKS is fast becoming the preferred blockchain and ICO advisor for many companies. You can find more information on

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