cryptoGEEKS selected as ZEEW’s technical advisor

We are pleased to announce that our team will be working closely with Zeew as to integrate their business model on the blockchain, whilst also assisting withe the deployment of smart contracts within their currently running ICO.

Zeew is a platform that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and focuses on the ‘right now delivery’ industry. It is an online business that provides unique parcel delivery services to firms. It focuses on reducing the time that it takes for customers to get their parcels. This means that instead of waiting for several days, you can get your items in just a few minutes.

ZEEW is based on the MVP — commercially available on-demand delivery platform — ZEEW ( and is currently being used by 58 businesses on daily bases, anyone can use their own car/bicycle or scooter to deliver packages and make money.

cryptoGEEKS is a Blockchain and DLT solutions company, registered in Estonia and creates unique applications and platforms, whilst also assisting and consulting companies launch their ICO and integrate their businesses on the Blockchain. Visit to know more and to get in touch.