CryptoGems. World’s first mineable token

Apr 19, 2018 · 4 min read

Get a Miner. Mine CryptoGems. Build your Army

CryptoGems brings the joy of mining in an addicting game. It is the world’s first mineable token where everyone can get a miner and start mining. The more miners you have, the more CryptoGems you generate. As simple as that!

Here is how it works

Miners are collectible figures that generate different amount of CryptoGems (GEM) for every hour they work. Keep in mind though that miners can be overworked. After working for long, miners get tired and need special attention. You should take proper care of your miners and let them sleep to be able to continue working.

The typical process works as follows. You can buy a miner with Ethereum or CryptoGems. Miners can be put to work from the moment they are yours and immediately start generating CryptoGems. Once you send a miner to work he will keep working for a certain amount of time until he gets tired. The amount of time a miner can work as well as the number of tokens he can generate can vary from miner to miner. Once a miner gets tired you need to send him to sleep before he is able to work again. The amount of rest a miner needs also varies.

Get a miner at

The more experienced the miner becomes the more CryptoGems he will be able to generate. Initially all new miners start out as newbies (level 1) but can quickly become experts reaching up to level 10. Miners are collectible figures that you can trade which means you can start out by buying an experienced miner from a friend or through the marketplace that will be available in the official CryptoGems website.

Every miner is unique! They don’t only differ in characteristics (work-time, sleep-time and difficulty) but look different too! You don’t get to choose the characteristics and appearance of your miner as they are randomly generated when the miner is first created but you get to choose a name. Keep in mind that just like human names, miner names stick forever and cannot be changed later. Even if a miner is traded or sold, his name will forever be the one you first chose. Names go down in blockchain history, so be sure to choose them wisely.

You can control the actions of your miners through the website interface. This allows you to track your miners’ progress and send them to work or put them to rest. The interface shows you the current state of the miner (working/tired/sleeping/ready), his level and his stats (work time, sleep time and difficulty). Time is measured in terms of blocks in the Ethereum blockchain, where a block is generated every 15s on average. The difficulty of a miner is measured in terms of number of blocks needed until 1 CryptoGem is mined.

How to get CryptoGems and what to do with them?

You can generate CryptoGems through mining or you can buy them for another cryptocurrency as Ethereum. CryptoGems are Ethereum ERC20 tokens which means that they have their own value and you can trade them like any other cryptocurrency in any website like Bitrex or Kraken that lets you make exchanges.

Contract: 0x4ad6590fe12cea6dbf9eda1bd4f74f9a0292e585

You can use CryptoGems to get more miners and expand your army or you can give them to friends. Like cryptocurrencies, they can be used to make purchases in the real world either directly or by exchanging them with other currency like dollars, euros, bitcoin or ethereum.

A new miner costs 5,000 CryptoGems while a typical miner (starting from level 1) can generate 5,000 CryptoGems in roughly three months. This means that after that time your miner will already be profitable. Once the miner reaches level 10, he can generate 5,000 CryptoGems in less than two months.

How to get started?

Are you on the go?

CryptoGems are mobile friendly. With responsive design, you can manage your miners from your mobile phone. Just download Trust Wallet application and visit from the Dapps Browser.

Go to for more.

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