Introducing SPIEL by Cryptogene

What is Spiel? — Decentralized Knowledge Economy

Jan 6, 2018 · 3 min read

Spiel is an e-learning platform built with and for blockchain technologies. Anyone can create and access content for free. While content creators earn from the activities of their users.

We have reached an advanced stage in the development of SPIEL. We would like to share some of the user interface and user experience with you.


The user dashboard

The user dashboard consists of featured courses that have made it to the SPIEL front page. This is rated by the amount of genes the particular course has gained. More on Genes later!

Course details

Opening up a course shows you the course details and you can go ahead and enroll. Totally free! Enrolling on a course earns the creator some genes! You can also earn some gifts for completing a course. More on flashes later!

Chat area

We also integrated a chat area! Here we have different communities of educators and students based on different topics! As seeing above, NEO, Ethereum, Waves ETC

User profile dropdown
Messages: Users can send direct messages to each other.

Users can also send and receive Genes within the platform. Genes is the currency within the SPIEL platform that users can interact with. You can also redeem Genes for XGT/CGT 7 days after earning them


We also have what we call Flashes. These unlock some certain features of SPIEL. A course creator can decide for example that only users that have Atrocitus can view his course. He can also gift his students flashes after they finish certain chapters or answer quizzes correctly. Flashes are none transferable, but can be traded for genes at any time. As you can see from the above Picture, Atrocitus is worth 201 Genes.

Here’s a short video taking us quickly through the User Interface and User Experience:

Spiel video walkthrough

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