Real World Uses Of Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies

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Jan 22, 2018 · 3 min read

Cryptocurrency has certainly given a new dimension to online purchasing~

Contemporary world is a World of advancement. We are excelling from every perspective, in every walk of life. We can also observe these changes and vogue of modernization in our daily fiscal matters and financial routine. In past, we prefer to pay via cash, but with the passage of time debit cards have taken place of hard currency, making things more secure for new generation. Now one doesn’t need to look for coins, in his pocket, but now it is just a matter of swiping a card to get your desired thing in access. The bounties of technologies have recently introduced new “online transaction methods”, through “Cryptocurrency”.

Cryptocurrency has certainly given a new dimension to online purchasing and transaction of money and goods. Basically, it’s an online currency which is of different types ( Ripples, Ethereum, Bitcoins, IOTA etc).

Such a market has intrigued a controversy between those who deal with gold and silver and those who deal in cryptocurrency. It is highly up to wish of an individual what he is easy with? I mean if he is ok with buying in gold or silver or in cryptocurrency that is solely on him. Talking about buying gold and silver online, we can buy them with bitcoins, ethereum, ripple

Now the question is that online transaction is impossible without any site available for this purpose then what we have to do / on which site we have to rely on? Because it is just a matter of finding such site by clicking a search option on Google, and we get numerous results, of which we don’t use to have doubts about their validity and authenticity.

For this purpose, we over think on issues related to the authenticity of sites, so it is worth mentioning here that issues related to the reliability of sites once existed in 2011, but now only one click on Google, enables a person to awe in wonder as a result of sites search.

There are different sites from which the online property purchase is possible. One of the eg is Bit-premier site. People are using it before 2012. Via this site one can buy anything cars, trucks and other things using cryptocurrency.

Moreover, there are number of other companies too which are existing and they deal exclusively in Bitcoins currency. For eg, “Bond New York” a company which is accepting bitcoin since 2014.Not only in Europe, but Middle Eastern states like Cyprus and Turkey, houses properties are sold through bitcoins.

Cryptocurrency possesses some interesting features which makes it more significant like this currency has no limitations. It does not possess any tangibility so it is more secure in nature. Plus, with this a person can purchase everything.

The present popularity of cryptocurrency among every age group certainly makes its future clear in future fiscal market. Further, the proliferation of this concept in future will make the usage of hard currency obsolete.

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