Seeing that you always refer to Coinbase and now provide a step-by-step guide buying with it…
Lennart Bongartz

Hey there, thanks for the comment!

So I actually don’t work for Coinbase. The only money I get from them is a referral bonus, which I tell people in every article I write (I get $10, and they get $10 for using my link). But aside from that, I have other reasons for telling newbies to go there.

I’ve tried to get people set up on large exchanges in the past, and 1) it’s been difficult for them to understand and use, and 2) after all the negative press about large exchanges, a lot of newcomers are hesitant to use them.

You are right, the option given here isn’t the cheapest, but the price I pay in a higher conversion fee is the price I pay for an unworried conscience. I keep a small amount of crypto on Bittrex, but to be honest I don’t trust large exchanges.

Once decentralized exchanges​ become mainstream, I’ll be referring people to those.