The media’s new scapegoat: Millennials

The mainstream media is still reeling.

How on earth did Trump win the election? They did everything in their power to blast his idiocy onto the airwaves 24/7. Recovering from that should have been impossible. But it happened.

Regardless of how it happened, the media now has a new mission. They have to save their good name, and they need to save it fast. Now, not only are they sitting on a big, fat, goose-egg in the “2016 presidential win” category, but their party is responsible for rioting, crying, class-skipping, and therapeutic “play-doh-ing.” They need a scapegoat. Fast.

Enter the Millennial generation.

It wasn’t long after the depression set in that the media realized they needed to pin all this failure on someone, and their newest target takes on the “everyone gets a trophy” “cry-baby” “I-deserve-to-be-given-everything” look. Apparently, in the media’s opinion, all this chaos is the fault of millennials.

I’d just like to point out that the media still hasn’t made good use of clarifying adjectives. I am a millennial. I did not support Trump; I did not support Clinton. And I am not getting therapy, playing with puppies, and taking off work/class because Trump won. Life is continuing per usual. Maybe the media should remind everyone that it is liberal millennials that we should all be ashamed of.

Trump won. There is no changing that. So wake up and smell the crap, America. Pull up them big-boy pants, grow a pair, and get back to work. The millennial generation has enough negative stereotypes to go around without your ridiculous protests. Stop being the media’s cannon-fodder.

Oh, and Media? It’s not me, it’s you.