Dear community,

Last month we made a step-by-step tutorial for everyone to learn how to use our TRX payment script for distributing rewards among their voters!

In this new release of payment script we implemented the distribution of TRX tokens feature for candidates and SRs that issued their own tokens and want to share them to their voters!

And no, we didn’t issue any token so far and we don’t plan to do it for the moment, but NEVER say never! Meanwhile, with a lot of passion we developed this new release of the script for the TRON community! …

We are proud to announce that we have 1 (ONE) month since you, the TRON community, have elected us to represent you!

It has been an awesome and challenging journey to come to this point and it was definitely worth it. During this time we’ve accomplished several amazing things such as hosting the first Tron community event in Romania or creating the open source automatic payments script for TRX rewards that is being used by many SRs. We’ve also seen an ever-growing support on our social media platforms, with 510+ followers on Twitter and 160+ members on our Telegram channel.

Dear community,

Over the past few weeks many candidates, elected SRs and voters have been asking details about how do we calculate and broadcast the daily payments to our voters. As some of you probably know, we implemented, tested and adapted an automatic script for TRX and we are giving back to our voters 70% of our total rewards through daily payments.

Lately, more and more candidates and SRs showed their willing to use our script and have been asking for details about server configuration, settings in configuration files and other technical questions. As the number of voters is increasing…

Two weeks ago we took part as strategic partners at Focus on Blockchain event organized by Business Review in Bucharest, Romania. It was an inspiring and informative meeting for us because we met people with whom we shared experiences and ideas from the blockchain field. Many interesting topics have been raised and we are going to present those that we think are the most interesting among them.

A decentralisation-based business model is a seductive proposition nowadays. However, Dan Dumitrescu argues, it is not a feasible option for traditional businesses, which have deeply embedded in their DNA the need to keep…

CryptoGirls is proud to announce its very first blockchain event held in Bucharest, Romania!

Starting with this event, our journey to spread out the word about TRON began.


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