4 things to remember from Focus on Blockchain Event

Two weeks ago we took part as strategic partners at Focus on Blockchain event organized by Business Review in Bucharest, Romania. It was an inspiring and informative meeting for us because we met people with whom we shared experiences and ideas from the blockchain field. Many interesting topics have been raised and we are going to present those that we think are the most interesting among them.

A decentralisation-based business model is a seductive proposition nowadays. However, Dan Dumitrescu argues, it is not a feasible option for traditional businesses, which have deeply embedded in their DNA the need to keep their trade secret, well, secret. A very interesting point of view, for more check the link.

Valentin Necoara the CTO of certSIGN presents the future of Identity & Blockchain. There is a lot of interest in banking regarding blockchain, because of the ability to have traceability of all actions — focus on delivering money to customers without the need of those customers being identified by going to the bank. If the bank can identify you via blockchain they will be more than happy to give you credit based on it.

Panel talk about Blockchain Startups and ICOs with Florin Otto, VP of Product at Modex Tech, Ioan Iacob, Founder and CEO at QUALITANCE, Antonio Eram, CEO at NETOPIA mobilPay and Andra Georgescu, Co-Founder & COO at Hey, Be Well!

Besides the presentations that were really good, the most important thing for us was to make connections with people in the networking sessions afterwards and change thoughts about opportunities of investment in blockchain and technology trends.


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