CryptoGirls celebrating 1 SR month

We are proud to announce that we have 1 (ONE) month since you, the TRON community, have elected us to represent you!

It has been an awesome and challenging journey to come to this point and it was definitely worth it. During this time we’ve accomplished several amazing things such as hosting the first Tron community event in Romania or creating the open source automatic payments script for TRX rewards that is being used by many SRs. We’ve also seen an ever-growing support on our social media platforms, with 510+ followers on Twitter and 160+ members on our Telegram channel.

It was truly a team effort, both from the CryptoGirls team that worked long and hard to be here, but also from the TRON community that supported and voted us. However, we know we wouldn’t be here today without the help of the following SRs and candidates that we have closely worked with and to whom we would like to extend some special appreciation.


CryptoGuyInZA whom we would like to thank very much for his invaluable advice while preparing for the initial network tests. We’ve managed to set up our first testable node following one of his how-to videos which you definitely need to check out here!

CryptoChain was willing to share from their vast security-related experience and help us secure our nodes in order to be able to keep the TRON network up and running at all times and without any security threats. For those of you who don’t know, CryptoChain has developed the code for ledger Nano device and they are in the final works on Trezor too! What’s worthy to mention is that they hosted the public testnet where most of the candidates been able to test the network!

Sesameseed has mentioned us in their last month’s article of who deserves to be the next SR. Thanks a million, guys :)! You need to know that they did a great job in helping Rovak to successfully develop and implement SeedIt on Telegram: a fast and easy-to-use payment system built on the TRON blockchain. What’s more, SeedIt will soon be available on many more social media platforms!


CommunityNode has been testing the TRON network from the very beginning. They are a true help for the TRON community as they are prompt to answer all technical and non-technical questions on all the platforms. They have created the TRON Help Desk on Telegram and just yesterday they’ve launched the crypto starter kit!

FreeSpaceWifi has inspired all the SR candidates and also the TRON development team with their thorough understanding of the infrastructure and security of the network. They are a very early adopter of TRON and have spent a lot (I mean a crazy lot) of time contributing to the improvement of TRON as we see if today.

These 2 amazing candidates, CommunityNode and FreeSpaceWifi, have really put in a lot of effort and passion in helping the TRON project grow. It’s about time we should all help them join the SRs!! We truly need them here!

Last but not least

We would like to thank TRON Foundation, all the Tronics that have been here for us and one very big special thanks for all the candidates and SRs!! We wouldn’t make it without your support!

We are truly grateful to take the time to celebrate all this progress with you, but we are going back to work now. Stay tuned for other great news that we are preparing for you ;)

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