New payment script release for TRX tokens!

Dear community,

Last month we made a step-by-step tutorial for everyone to learn how to use our TRX payment script for distributing rewards among their voters!

In this new release of payment script we implemented the distribution of TRX tokens feature for candidates and SRs that issued their own tokens and want to share them to their voters!

And no, we didn’t issue any token so far and we don’t plan to do it for the moment, but NEVER say never! Meanwhile, with a lot of passion we developed this new release of the script for the TRON community! Feel free to use it and contact us on our telegram group if you need assistance in configuring or running it!

Our TRX tokens script is fully open-source for everyone to use, change or personalize! It was successfully tested by several people from the community including SRs and SR candidates like Tron Europe and Tronstronics!

How does the script work?

The script takes snapshots of the voters’ data every 6 hours, calculates the distribution of a configured amount of tokens and saves pending amounts for every voter based on his weight in the total votes cast for that SR. After 3 complete cycles of calculating and adding pending amounts for each voter, at the end of the 4th cycle of the day the script prepares a file with payments commands and broadcast the payments to the network.

Server Configuration

Our script is written in python and javascript and it is compatible with Linux servers.
We successfully tested our script on fresh Linux servers (Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04) with various configurations from 1 core and 2GB RAM to 4 cores and 8GB RAM.
We strongly recommend to add a set of security settings to the payments server like creating a sudo user with private key authentication method, change the default SSH port and so on.

Install the dependencies

After installing and preparing the server, the next step is to install the dependencies and clone our repo from github.

Install python

Clone the repo

Install nodejs

Install docker containers

In docker-compose.yml file put your SR IP in full and solidity IPs

Run the docker in screen or when making the payments:

Set configurations for your SR

Edit config.json, config_snapshot.json, poollogs.json and votes.js and modify the following lines with your settings. All the other lines must be left as they are, with the default values.

- token: the token name to distribute
sraddress: your SR address — this address will be used when getting voters’ data from the API
owneraddress: The address from where the token payments will be broadcasted
nodepay: node used for payments. It’s recommended to install the docker containers and to change nodepay to
amount: total amount of tokens to distribute for the current cycle
minpayout: the minimum amount for a payment (NOTICE: in config_snapshot.json DO NOT modify minpayout)
pk: the private key of the wallet from which the payments will be broadcasted
skip: a list of addresses to skip (example: [“address1”,”address2”])

- make the same configurations as above, except the minpayout. DO NOT modify the minpayout field in this file.

- lastpayout: the unixtimestamp of your last payments or the unixtimestamp of pool starting

- put your SR address in the following line


Run it

  • At the beginning of each round — 4 times a day
  • At the end of each round — 3 times a day (the script will calculate pending amounts)
  • At the end of the 4th round — once a day (the script will create file and will broadcast the payments)

The payments will be broadcasted every second.

Run it in crontab

The scripts are also runnable by cron.

  • give rights to execute
  • set separate crontab jobs for the following scripts

Any feedback or ideas of improvements are very welcomed!

Thank you,


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