Major Benefits of ERP and CRM Integration

If you’re questing to streamline business operations and enhance productivity, you must integrate the advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software systems. Doing this will help in eliminating data silos in your business and optimize operations to boost the overall efficiency. Cryptograph Technologies Bangalore enlightens three major benefits of amalgamating your ERP and CRM software.

A 360 degree analysis of your customer

How well are you familiar with your customers? One of the greatest benefits of ERP and CRM integration is that it provides a comprehensive view of your customer. Be it prospect, sales and support, finance or accounting, jointly these systems give total visibility into your customers’ requirements, buying habits, purchase history, financial status, etc. Apart from giving you a better insight into your customer base, it can also help you nurture enduring relationships with customers. It can also assist you in anticipating your customer’s needs even before your customer does.

Complete access to crucial information

A CRM and ERP solution that is totally integrated endows your employees with the ability to access crucial information in real-time. Lacking this, your employees will be less efficient and eventually your customers will have to suffer. A fully-integrated ERP and CRM solution authorizes your employees by providing access to the information exactly when they need it. With just a click, they can reclaim inventory counts, payments, shipments, customer accounts, order history, returns, costing, etc.

Streamline business operations

Formerly, without an integrated system, many business operations were carried out manually and in a time-consuming manner. However, a major benefit to integrating your ERP and CRM software is superior productivity through streamlining operations and automating the workflow. In addition, an integrated solution cuts back on the amount of doubling-up of data entry tasks.

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Originally published at on August 26, 2016.