How Can A 12 Year Old Use Hydro Pay and X?

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Jul 20 · 2 min read

This is the big question wether a 12 year old or in general, for those people who arent familiar with blockchain technology. Specifically, on how to use the Hydro Pay and X applications.

Today, we’re going to change that! This would make sure everyone understands how to use Hydro Pay and Hydro X.


Hydro Pay is a payment solution which enables for permissionless, gasless transactions and is powered by meta transactions. It can be used for Peer to Peer or Business to Consumer transactions. There are no middlemen used for transactions.

Users won’t even be able to know about meta transactions or even how the transaction is being executed. All they have to do is literally just send or receive HYDRO tokens. Currently you can send transactions Hydro to Hydro. In the future version, it will enable for on and off ramps for fiat currency.

It uses the Snowflake protocol, which can verify users and identify if its the actual user. There will be no fake accounts, and cool thing is you can easily send it to your family, friends, and loved ones.


Hydro X is a remittance application that enables you to convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency or fiat to fiat transactions. It has the lowest fees you can get in the Remittance Industry Globally.

You can just simply convert on the type of Fiat you want. It also uses the Snowflake protocol which is tied to for verification and Identification.

Both Hydro Pay and X has different language preference for people to fully understand how it works, it does a simple instruction that you could easily do transactions accurately.

Most recently, the HYDRO team just launched the Hydro Pay app on Google Playstore. You can download the app and even be rewarded with HYDRO Tokens for completing simple task once signed up.

For those people who isn’t familiar with Project Hydro about their protocol and products. You can go check them out on their official website here.

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