Company Interview : Crypto Hongbao

Source : Blockchain Times, June 2018 (visit website)

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1. Cryptocurrency: Replacing Traditional In-Game Currency

Modern games often utilize two main forms of currency: one acquired through game progression and one acquired through microtransactions. Due to the unlimited supply chain of these currencies, players are less satisfied and more unwilling to participate when incentivized to continue spending money as the game progresses. By replacing these currencies with a fair and value-building system, Crypto HongBao resolves these issues and lets players get back to what they love: enjoying the games.

2. A Perfect Duo: Games & Blockchains

One of the biggest changes that Crypto HongBao will introduce is the elimination of inflation within virtual economies in games. Since the supply of traditional in-game currencies is unrestricted, players are correct to feel that they are spending money on something that is essentially worthless. The hard-limited nature of Crypto HongBao gives actual value to gamers when they interact with the in-game currency.

In addition, the implementation of global services is significantly more streamlined with Crypto HongBao. The differences in payment methods and currencies between countries mean that game developers’ profit margins can be greatly reduced due to the time and money lost in making individual contracts with foreign service providers.

Since Crypto HongBao (HBO) can be traded with Bitcoin or Ethereum, credit cards and other traditional payment methods are unnecessary. Game developers can enter the global market with fewer obstacles and keep more of their hard-earned profits.

Using Crypto HongBao as the in-game currency allows both players and game developers to have better experiences with games.

3. Applying Perfected Security & Encryption Technology

Billions of dollars are spent on the ongoing war between the gaming industry and hackers. Occasional item thefts and leaks of confidential information have given the gaming industry a bad reputation. The use of encryption technologies and fixed data found within blockchains strongly protects gamers and developers can save money that would be required for security measures.

Crypto HongBao boosts a developer’s reputation through the transparent business model produced by the advantageous properties built into our system.

4. Ease in Trading

Crypto HongBao can be purchased with Bitcoin and Ethereum on centralized exchanges. They are also traded in decentralized exchanges such as the The Kyber Network or 0x.

The partnership between these exchanges and Crypto Hongbao allows HBO to be traded with ease between gamers.

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Crypto HONGBAO的定义如下

  1. “加密货币”取代虚拟的游戏币

游戏中游戏币一般分为两种,分别是免费发放的游戏币和通过支付的方式获取的游戏币(一般统称为“Cash”) 。
Crypto Hongbao 是旨在弥补此类游戏币的缺点,以确保玩家方便的享受游戏。目的是用“加密货币”取代现有的免费或者支付现金购买虚拟财产的方式。

2. 游戏和区块链的理想结合

若虚拟货币代取代游戏币,因发行量有限,所以自然而然形成实体经济的流动,抑制游戏内通货膨胀。因此,用户可在任何没有不便的情况下享受游戏。 而且,由于全球的结算方式越来越单一化,游戏可进行全球服务。
Crypto Hongbao 是用虚拟货币取代游戏中的虚拟财产,即使没有信用卡等额外的付费手段,可以用比特币或者以太坊买入/卖出HBO。此外,若游戏产品出海,即使没有海外合作商 也可以进军海外市场,从而增加收益率。
用 Crypto Hongbao 取代游戏币,用户会方便享受游戏。同时,游戏研发商可以容易进军海外市场, 从而增加收益率。
3. 适用于完善的安全性和加密技术

Crypto Hongbao 是用虚拟币取代游戏币,具有黑客无法侵犯操作的信赖度,将形成一个对虚拟货币的发行,公司员工也无法干预和透明的经营结构。

4. 易买入和卖出

全球的一般的集中式交易所,以比特币和以太坊购买其他的代币,Kyber Network或者0x等分布式交易所支持以太坊和其他代币的实时交易。
Crypto Hongbao 和这类分布式交易所战略合作,让用户易买入和卖出HBO。

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