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2 min readMar 21, 2022


Making crypto more human and accessible to all.

Cryptohunt founders: Arndt Voges (left), Christian Byza (right)

Cryptohunt was born when we realized that for most people it felt really hard to get started with Crypto. Currently the discussion around cryptocurrencies and blockchains tend to be technical in nature, and most information is scattered around the web.

Our goal is to make crypto approachable to everyone, and at the same time, shine some light on the amazing crypto projects that have the potential to change the world.

How Cryptohunt can benefit anyone interested in crypto:

Cryptohunt will empower users at every level to learn everything about a crypto project, and at the same time share individual knowledge, ask questions and learn about upcoming projects.

This will give everyone the transparency and knowledge they need in order to make their own financial decisions and dig deeper on projects that interest them, all while being rewarded for it.

The success of the industry partly depends on the contribution and participation of all individuals, and this is where the Cryptohunt community comes in.

How Cryptohunt can benefit crypto companies:

Cryptohunt allows users to access all crypto projects in one place.

When people are confronted with a lot of disparate information about a cryptocurrency, they either remain unaware of new cryptocurrencies, don’t understand them, or they question the validity of a project.

With Cryptohunt, users can look critically at each project, see what problem it’s trying to solve, how many users it has, its market conditions etc. in terms they can actually understand.

This will help crypto companies become more accessible by having the opportunity to share and explain their projects in one place and in plain english.


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cryptohunt.it is a place to review and discuss crypto projects – but for non-crypto people.