Bringing to you a new revolutionary cryptocurrency portfolio management and predictive alerting app

The Trackr team is very excited to announce the launch of our website:

With new cryptocurrencies on the rise, traders are always looking for profitable opportunities to invest in. The current market is very volatile as media announcements can swing the pendulum in any direction in a matter of hours. In addition to that, it can be difficult to keep track of all your investments, and not to mention that analyzing the performance of your portfolio can be quite a time consuming task. What if there was an app to do all of that?

Trackr aims to solve these problems by providing a mobile app with an all-in-one interface that can keep track of all your investments and notify you of your portfolio’s combined performance. Furthermore, we also offer real-time alerts on cryptocurrency market shifts as they are about to happen based on historical analysis and current market trends.

That’s not all though, we have some really cool features in the pipeline including machine learning based cryptocurrency market predictions and clever post trade analysis to provide suggestions and insights on how to improve your portfolio.

If you are interested, head over to, read our whitepaper and let us know what you think!

— With ❤ the Trackr Team!