Dev roadmap for 2018/2019

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog since our 1.1.0 release due to some team members taking a well deserved break due to personal commitments.

Anyway, this short blog post will hopefully outline what our roadmap looks like for the next 12 months to answer the number one question the community has been asking lately.

  • We are currently working on porting the desktop client over to the Web. The community have unanimously voted to see a Web version of CI as the next major release so we are working very hard to deliver this.
  • In the interim, we’re also looking to release 1.1.1 this next week which will address some minor bugs that you all have raised since 1.1.0 has gone live. PS: We’ve also added the long awaited Modify Transaction feature!
  • The long term road map will see users being able to share their portfolio on the Web and a basic subscription model which will be payable using TKR tokens.

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— With ❤ the CryptoInsight Team!