Trackr ICO is going live in 15 hours, we’ve also added a new advisor to our ranks.

We’re excited to announce that the ICO will be live in just a little bit over 15 hours and that we’ve added a new advisor, Chris Drew, to our ranks.

The exact time at which the ICO goes live is Wednesday the 16th of August at 12 PM GMT (Our website has a countdown timer). Please do not send funds before this timer reaches 0 as they will be returned back with the gas consumed.

Contributing to the ICO
For anyone wishing to contribute, please have a read at our ICO page as it provides information on how to contribute or migrate (in case you are a presale investor).

Contributing Terms and Guidelines

  • Do not send funds from exchanges, instead send the funds from your wallet where you hold the private key, then send the funds to the contract.
  • Set the Gas Limit to 250000 (unused gas is returned).
  • Set the Gas Price as you desire, we recommend a modest amount such as 10–20 Gwei.
  • The TKR token will be issued instantly to your ETH wallet. If you were an early presale investor, please read the migration instructions at the bottom of this page on how to convert your TKRP into TKR.
  • By contributing you agree to purchase ‘tokens’ that can be used on the Trackr platform and elsewhere where applicable.
  • You should only send Ether. If you want to send BTC (or any other currency) you will first have to exchange it to ETH using a service such as ShapeShift or Changelly.
  • Do not send funds before the ICO is live, as they will be returned but the gas will be consumed.

How to safely contribute

If you’re interested in contributing then there are a few steps you can ensure that you’re not sending funds to the wrong account:

  1. We have secured the ENS domain trackr-im.eth this links to our contract address automatically and can be used to send funds when using MyEtherWallet or Ethereum/Mist Wallet.
  2. Our contract is verified and has our Trackr logo on Etherscan.
  3. Our contract can be found by searching TrackrCrowdsale on
  4. The token associated with our Crowdsale contract can be found by searching TKR and has our website listed and social media listed.

A new advisor — Chris Drew — security engineer

Chris Drew

Chris is an experienced security engineer based in London and is currently employed by Expedia. He has a wealth of knowledge on topics such as platform security, cyber security, authentication engineering and web app security.

An experienced all-round technologist with a demonstrated history working within the financial services industry. We are excited to have Chris part of the board of advisors.

Alpha feedback

We’ve received some good feedback over the last week for things that people want to see changed, here is the list in no specific order.

  • More clarity on UI actions (such as deleting, refreshing)
  • A small user walkthrough when the app has been launched for the very first time
  • More exchanges and currencies (this is as planned)
  • Currency selector for different denominations (also planned — i.e. GBP, EUR, BTC, etc)
  • Support to visualize your tokens in your Ether wallet in the portfolio and different wallet types (such as BTC) when importing/adding your wallet address
  • Easier to use Watchers/Alerts (the sliders move too fast, so requires a little precision currently)

We’re always interested in more feedback, so if there’s anything you like to see that isn’t mentioned above or in our roadmap then please mail us at or join our Slack and let us know!.

We’ll be pushing updates to the Alpha while the ICO is ongoing.

— With ❤ the Trackr Team!