Update: The pre-sale ICO funding round is over!

First and foremost, a sincere thank you to all the early investors who believe in Trackr and have been one of the first to back our project. Rest assured that investor return is one of our key priorities and we are working very hard to achieve that over the coming months.

The purpose of this post is to serve as a status update on how the pre-sale ICO went, to provide a brief overview in terms of our next steps and lastly to provide insight on eventual security concerns in light of the recent Coindash ‘hack’.

Status update
I’d like to recap that the purpose of holding the pre-sale ICO was to meet 3 goals: (1) give early investors an advantage of backing the project (bonus tokens), (2) raise funding for main ICO promotion and (3) gauge interest in the project.

All 3 goals have been achieved. We set a hard cap of 50 ETH for the pre-sale ICO as we deemed that amount to be more than sufficient for us to adequately promote and market the project.

The pre-sale ICO ran for 5 days, from Wednesday 12th July 12 PM UTC till Monday 17th July 12 PM UTC. Over this period of time we had a steady stream of contributions totaling a modest amount of 20.83 ETH, as depicted by the graph below.

These pre-sale funds are exclusively used on promotion and marketing. To ensure full transparency, we will be releasing a breakdown of expenditure.

You can see all transactions on EtherScan using our contract address by clicking here.

Next steps
The project has been under active development for quite a while and we are at a stage where we have a fully functional back-end hosted on AWS that is capable of crunching data from various exchanges and storing it on your mobile in an optimized format.

The Trackr app itself is also taking shape. Our plan from the start was to release the Alpha version so that users can trial the application before deciding to back the project. As such, we will not launch our main ICO until the Alpha has been released.

Subsequently, this gives us some time to focus on the marketing of the main ICO as well. Our aim of releasing the Alpha in the next 2/3 weeks is still unchanged, and we are well on track on delivering on that promise and having our ICO sometime in August 2017.

Note: We will require beta testers for the mobile app, if you feel that is something you’d like to be involved in then please join our Slack community and reach out (see details on the bottom of this post).

Security concerns
In light of the recent ‘hack’ on Coindash we’re aware of the increased concerns from users regarding security measures. In addition to the following points, we provide a full breakdown of our security measures in our whitepaper.

  • We host everything as static content on our website, thus we do not have any sort dynamic pages whatsoever. This means that we do not have to worry about any server vulnerabilities as our website is served from an Amazon S3 bucket.
  • We will publish our fully unit tested and verified contract source code well in advance. This will allow potential investors to audit the contract as desired. As always our GitHub page has the up-to-date source code available (with a full test suite).
  • We’re currently looking into the option of purchasing an ENS domain, this would allow an investor to simply send money to the contract domain name rather than a contract address number, so there is no chance of funds being sent to an incorrect address.

Hope this clears things up. As always, if there are any questions please write to us.

We encourage everyone to join our Slack channel at http://slack.trackr.im where you will be one of the first to receive progress updates regarding Trackr.

— With ❤ the Trackr Team!