Welcome the new kid on the block, Ethereum Blue!

All aboard the crypto train! Next stop, Ethereum Blue!

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What is Ethereum Blue??

Ethereum Blue (Blockchain Licensed Universal Executable) is an ERC20 token aimed to fix the security flaws of the Ethereum network by addressing flaws such as infinite mining and token transfers without balance checks. In some cases developers purposely do this to cheat their own buyers out of their Ethereum. However, there are other times that involve accidental programming errors such as the eBTC Foundations contract that allowed them to mint unlimited tokens. BLUE fixes this by the great use of static analysis.

Static analysis works by analyzing code without executing it. Generally used to find bugs or ensure conformance to coding guidelines, static analysis can be used to overlook the code structure of token contracts, thus allowing for a stronger and faster guarantee of bug free coding.

Diagram explaining the concept of static analysis

How does Ethereum Blue plan on implementing static analysis?

The answer is rather simple. Through BLUEs roadmap, an SDK (Software Development Kit) implementation will be in the works that will allow users to automatically scan malicious addresses before approving the sending of ETH from their wallet. To make matters even better, the SDK will be used as a way for developers to check their contracts before releasing them which could allow for mistakes to be fixed in rapid succession. What’s the best part about this? It is FREE to users and developers.

Why Invest?

Ethereum Blue is an ERC20 token with an actual game plan in action. Scanning addresses and contracts for malicious coding will be an increasingly important part of the crypto world as we know it. Just by looking at the rapid growth of technology, more vulnerabilities and malicious code is being created to attempt to fraud millions of users globally. With the crypto currency markets becoming more popular, fraudulent users are going to try harder and harder to infiltrate users wallets and fraudulent developers are going to create more and more scam coins.

Many ERC tokens with the name Ethereum associated in them don’t have a white paper at all while Ethereum Blue provides investors with a detailed white paper on their goal. Take it from our Head Engineer& Administrator of Ethereum Blue, Uni Banker.

“ In the document we describe a risk metric based on a combination of static code analysis of the smart contract, community feedback, and other suspicious indicators to feed in to an artificial neural network. From this we can build out a risk score for every smart contract, and provide this information via a web API. From there, wallet makers can integrate this risk score in to their applications and offer an advisory to users on the risks involved in exchanging with any particular address. That is *how* we are addressing the issue.”

If you believe malicious scanning of addresses and contracts will become important down the road of the crypto world then Ethereum Blue is the token for you. Don’t miss the train before it takes off!

Ethereum Blue Information

Ethereum Blue website- https://www.etherblue.org/

Ethereum Blue Telegram- https://t.co/RoxhCbc3ku

Ethereum Blue is currently trading on EtherDelta.

Contract Address:

Do not send ether to this address. This is the token itself.




Do not use an exchange-based wallet. We recommend MyEtherWallet, Parity, Metamask Chrome Plugin, or the official Mist client



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