$24910 @ 4:24pm (missing DBC)

I’ve decided to de-focus on IOTA a bit, and right when I did, it went up 25%. I’ve moved several of my coins into the bluechip coins, leaning toward more coins that should allow for staking.

XLM I am holding due to the coinbase competitor and it being actually something decent instead of the garbage that is XRP. I really like the idea of distributed machine learning, as I’ve mentioned, so I added to SONM in addition to upping by Deep Brain Chain to 7918. I also added more Dragonchain today, bring that to 310 @ 2.13 or so each.

I did up my holdings of one bitcoin competitor, NAV, due to how big a dump XVG is taking right now. It’s also much cheaper than other privacy coins like Monero.

That’s it for now.

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