CazShop — the relaunch

Holiday Greetings from the CazCoin Team

The team at CazCoin hope that you and your family had an enjoyable Christmas and a safe and fun New Years. We look forward to the year ahead with you all.

CazShop Relaunch

December was a big month for the team at CazCoin with the relaunch of, the first cryptocurrency-based eCommerce website, on the 5th of December 2018.

Since the launch there has been multiple sellers registering on CazShop, with well over 100 products, and we’d like to mention our biggest seller (in regards to number of products), Sarada — we’re extremely excited to have you on…

An explanation on the benefits and incentives to CazCoin (CAZ) holders.


Established in April 2018, CazCoin (CAZ) is a virtual currency which is used as the backbone of the CazProjects ecosystem. It is an open-sourced, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, with its primary focus on real-world use.
The majority of cryptocurrency projects don’t have use cases — we have many.


Under CazCoin is CazProjects, the overarching body which establishes projects with real-world uses, to bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream. The current planned CazProjects platforms are:


CazShop is a global cross-border eCommerce platform powered by blockchain. …

Wallet update to 1.2.3

As a result of the update to wallet version 1.2.2, an error was placed in the code resulting in a block reward change, lessening the reward. Subsequently, wallet 1.2.3 was issued in August to fix this issue. As of block 166600 the block reward will temporarily be a total of 60, before automatically reducing to 40 after approximately three weeks.
Block 166600 is expected to be reached on September 1st.

Temporary Block Reward Increase

The reason for the increase in block rewards is not to attract new adopters to buy the coin, but to compensate our investors who did not receive masternode or stake…

A disruptive, yet progressive month….

Unnecessary Disruption

Dear CazCoin Community

As you may well know, on the 10th July the CAZ Team noticed a sudden discrepancy in the total coin supply, a large amount of coins being moved, and a dump of well-below market price CAZ on CoinExchange.

The team immediately investigated and within approximately ten minutes notified the exchanges to halt trading and freeze CazCoin withdrawals and deposits.

It was then identified that the chain was manipulated, to the point where a hacker minted approximately 4 million CAZ.

Less than 500,000 CAZ were dumped on CoinExchange for approximately 17 satoshis each…

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Most Exciting Update Ever!

The work isn’t slowing for the CAZ Team, and with the successful launch of the CazShop platform, we’re pleased to share with you the news, and our most exciting update ever.

New Website!

We have a new website! Our fresh new website at includes an in-depth roadmap, team overview, an explanation on CazCoin’s suite of platforms in development, and generally a nicer, cleaner feel.

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Now That Was a Busy Month!

The update is long, but that should be seen as a good sign - we’ve been busy!
The Caz Team have been hard at work for the month of May, with huge mile-stones reached (and additional ones to boot!). With the upcoming ‘Caz Shop’ E-commerce platform launching on June 8 the team isn’t slowing down, and with the lofty goals continuing even after the Shop launch, will definitely continue to be busy in the coming months!


The coin swap from Copico to the new and improved CazCoin (CAZ) continues, but you can now purchase CAZ from the following exchanges:


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