Crypto Life (CL)
1 min readJan 17, 2023


90 Million ways to use your CL Card

Your crypto doesn’t have to lie around in your portfolio.

Instead, use it in your everyday life with the CL Card powered by Ledger!

Spend it at over 90 million merchants where Mastercard is accepted. You don’t have to worry about converting your assets either, as your card automatically converts your crypto to fiat at the time of purchase — doing all the hard work for you!

Need some inspiration?

You can use your CL Card like any other card. Here’s a couple of ways you can spend with it:

Your go-to coffee joint ☕

Are you a sweet caramel frappe or a bitter, black Americano kind of person?

Your Amazon wishlist 📝

Get yourself a late Christmas present — from you to you!

Your local cinema 📽️

No, we haven’t seen Avatar: The Way of Water yet. No spoilers!

Your favourite takeaway 🍕

The question to end all questions — pizza with or without pineapple?

Your best clothing store 🛍️

For the 100th time, that jacket looks great on you!

Discover millions of ways to spend by using your card today!

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