Crypto Life (CL)
2 min readJul 21, 2023

Taking CL Further

We value the opinions of all our customers. Your voice matters to us, and the feedback we receive helps us to improve and develop the CL product further.

For those who missed this, we reached out to our valued customers a few months back to gather feedback on CL and future expectations.

We had an overwhelming response, so we’d like to share with you the insightful findings from our survey.

Integrating Apple Pay with CL

We understand that many of you have asked for CL to be compatible with Apple Pay. Of course, this is something that we’ve also wanted to offer for a long time too.

Well, for this we have good news! In case you missed it, the CL Card powered by Ledger is now compatible with Apple Pay. This means you can now enjoy easy, fast and secure payments with your card straight from your iPhone device.

We’re extremely pleased to roll this out to our loyal customers, as well as further expand the CL Card’s capabilities.

Creating a standalone CL App

While the CL platform is easily accessible via Ledger Live, we also acknowledge that many of you want a standalone app.

Well, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s in the works! Our team is working hard behind the scenes, and we’ve recently pushed the app to Alpha testing in the UK & Portugal. Testing has been progressing well so far, and we look forward to launching the full version to you all.

More Funding Options

Right now, you can transfer funds to your CL account via ERC-20 networks. However, some of you have asked for more options to fund your account. The most popular options were:

  • Ripple
  • Tron
  • Polygon

More Spending Options

As well as more funding options, our customers have also asked for more tokens as spending options. The most popular options were:

  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • Tron USDT (TRC20 USDT)

Although these options aren’t something we can offer right now, your feedback is listened to and we’ll add it to our list of things to possibly develop when progressing the CL product in the future.

Additional languages

The CL platform is currently available in English. However, as we also operate in non-English countries, we understand that some of you wished for additional languages. We appreciate this request and will take it on board as we develop the CL product further.

Thank you for your feedback!

We just want to thank our loyal customers for their feedback on the CL product and we appreciate every single one of you for sharing your thoughts with us.

As CL progresses, we look forward to bringing bigger and better things to you all. Make sure to subscribe to our Medium, and follow us on Twitter for exclusive news and updates!