Crypto Life (CL)
2 min readJan 10, 2023

Why your CL Card is “powered by Ledger”

The power behind CL

Now that the CL Card powered by Ledger is up and running, you might be wondering — what do we mean by “powered by Ledger”?

Baanx and Ledger teamed up to build and develop the CL Card, with the goal of allowing the Ledger community to use their digital assets in real-life, all with the same safety and convenience of a regular card.

Each company brought in their vision, mission and their common goal to give crypto users power over their assets and how they manage them. Together, we created a game-changing product that provides people with what no others can offer — the ability to use and spend crypto* in everyday life with quick and secure transfers between the CL Card & Ledger wallet, through the Ledger live app.

Baanx technology and Ledger security made in crypto-heaven

Baanx brings the CL Card and is responsible for features including being able to spend your digital assets, earning cashback and borrowing against your crypto with Cryptodraft and Stableloans.

Ledger ensures you’re the only one to have complete ownership and control over your assets when stored on the wallet. The assets are secured within Ledger’s fortified ecosystem until you choose to spend it using the CL Card. Your crypto, your control, your life.

Start your crypto life today!

We believe that great minds think alike. With both Baanx and Ledger’s brains, innovation and vision put together, the CL Card lets you use crypto in everyday life — all complete with safety and security of your assets.