CrypoLions is proud to introduce to you the new and improved Kolobok 2.0 coming exclusively to the WAX blockchain! With many new features including:

🙂 New Mythical creatures: Unicorn, Dragon and more . . .

🙂 Legendary prizes in 4 variations: Day, Night, Life and Death — win all of them!

🙂 Anvils — own (and profit from) the tools that other players can use to combine and update their prizes!

🙂 Kolobok Brawls — prepare your gangs of Koloboks and fight against your friends and rivals!

🙂 Own your own Arenas and determine your own % fee.

🙂 Collectable Kolobok NFTs — special edition of Kolobok NFTs with unique visuals! With limited supply . . .

🙂 Valhalla . . . but only for the most worthy Koloboks

More info about all these new fun features coming soon. Stay tuned!