CryptoLions Update

(中文翻译 / Chinese translation)

Happy New Year, everyone. 🎄

Here are some of the highlights of our work since the last update we made on Nov 20.

We’re proud to be provided back end support to the popular block explorer . In late November, we made a customization for their RAM Explorer, available on every account view.

Jungle 2.0

Of course, the big news is probably that since our last update we launched Jungle Testnet 2.0. This was done after a community survey. We wanted to remove some “poisoned blocks” which made the Jungle Classic blockchain somewhat unwieldy.

Jungle Classic had 22 millions blocks, and 80,000 registered accounts (AFTER the initial creation of accounts from the ERC-20 distribution).
343 accounts were migrated by user request.

Interview with Happy Money Man:

We added manual installation scripts and eosio software updater script to our repo:

We had planned to keep Jungle Classic running until January 1st, however, for now, it is still available:

Jungle 2 on and EOSQ is now updated to Jungle2 with full Explorer with Toolkit functionality!

— Full Scatter wallet: 
— Interact with all contracts
 — Ram explorer:

Jungle 2 is also accessible on EOS Canada’s EOSQ:

Dapps in the Jungle

We’re proud to support the Jungle Testnet on which a lot of important testing takes place, including Chintai, PrivEOS, REX, and other projects.

New Maximum EOSIO TPS demonstrated in Jungle Testnet: 9179

Together with several other talented block producers, we conducted stress testing in the JungleTestnet and demonstrated a new Maximum TPS for EOSIO software.–15a485f2e79

ZEOS account registration

We continue to support, a do-it-yourself EOS account registration portal. Since our last update, over a thousand new accounts were created through the portal, bringing the grand total to almost 5,000

EOS Network Monitor

We pushed two updates with new features to the EOS Network Monitor. Improvements include human-readable version / transaction lookup / a price chart, BP and country ICONS, Chinese and Russian Language versions.

Lost Key Situation

We’ve been closely tracking non technical developments in the EOS community, most notably the Lost Key Situation. We spoken privately with different members of the lost key community and published this summary of arguments and developments in the hope of speeding a resolution to this matter.

History Nodes

Our history node usually has a request rate of 10 to 40 requests per second, and we are currently testing the new state history plugin.


CryptoLions is an EOS Block Producer based in Ukraine. We strive to make EOS more valuable by building projects that improve the ecosystem, by setting the standard for transparency and accountability, and by popularizing EOS all over the world.