The Jungle community demonstrated a new MAX TPS for EOSIO — 9656

2 min readFeb 10, 2020


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Stress Test Results

Last week, several members of the Jungle Testnet community conducted some stress testing. We demonstrated a new maximum-transactions-per-second of 9656. 🎆

It is visible in blocks 74094068 and 74094069 .

This is 477 transactions greater than 9179 transactions achieved during the last Jungle Stress test.

Other results, as compared with last year’s stress test:

  • better stability
  • fewer forks
  • All deferred txs were executed, instead of expired (like last year)

About the testing

Testing was conduced using v2.0.1.

Note we did not optimize for MAX TPS because were not attempting to break records but to stress the chain. Transactions were a mix of token transfers, empty transactions and deferred transactions.

As with last year’s testing, we tinkered with global chain parameters, mostly these:


This test was smaller than last year’s with fewer parties spamming transactions. Participants included:

EOS Barcelons
Aloha EOS

A big thanks to all of them, and to everyone else who remains active in the Jungle community. 🌴

It is likely that a larger number of participants and/or optimization with minimally sized transactions would have set the maximum TPS over 10,000, which is an attractive milestone, but wasn’t the goal of the testing.

The JunglesProxy

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The Jungle community continues to do great work for the community, providing a point of entry and platform for testing for countless dapps, and conducting testing with and without coordination with

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