ICO Review: DEEX — New Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

Mar 5, 2018 · 3 min read

With the rapid growth cryptocurrencies over the last few years, the number of people showing interest in cryptocurrencies has expanded rapidly. In the initial stages of the crypto economic development, #centralized #exchanges were the more preferred option because they are easy to use, easy to access, and provide advanced trading functions such as margin trading, stop-loss, lending and others. However, these centralized systems are exposed to a number of risks such as security threats, unfair competition, danger of sanctions, political factors, and much more. Till date, the amount of stolen customer funds from centralized exchanges amounts to almost $500 million.

DEEX promises to solve this problem by building the world’s first #decentralized #exchange with functional benefits close to a centralized exchange, but without its permanent security threats and sanction risks.

About DEEX ecosystem

Deex is a decentralized platform which provides individuals a reliable and convenient way to quickly trade, buy or sell cryptocurrencies with help of the most popular payment methods for the fiat currencies available in the country of his/her residence.

Initially more than 10 cryptocurrencies will be available for the exchange including Bitcoin and Ethereum and many other altcoins.

DEEX developers are professionals who have proof of experience of successful work in the field of economics, finance and cryptography.

The core of DEEX ecosystem is decentralized DEEX exchange. It is a first decentralized #cryptoexchange with a functional close to a centralized exchange. However #DEEX #ecosystem is not only a cryptoexchange. This platform will include different unique functional advantages such as:

  1. platform for ICO
  2. cryptocurrency debit-card
  3. decentralized #cryptofund
  4. decentralized massanger
  5. DEEX crypto ATM
  6. hardware cryptowallet

Advantages of decentralized crypto exchanges

At the present moment there are two types of exchange platforms — centralized and decentralized. The main differences between them are the following:

Centralized Exchange: all the main decisions are made by one governing body (center) and all participants depend on these decisions and almost never can affect them. Participants must keep their funds in the Exchange’s wallets.

Decentralized Exchange: it does not have a single decision-making center by all issues. It provides all participants with equal conditions and provide a platform where they can trade directly with each other.

Decentralized Exchanges is a fairly new phenomenon in the cryptocurrency world where all participants have an equal rights and opportunity to take part in the management of the Exchange’s activities and to perform any operations of cryptocurrencies exchanging among themselves, holding money in a personal wallet but not in a third party’s wallets (as it realized in centralized Exchanges). Their very important advantage is the highest degree of #data #confidentiality. Decentralized exchanges are #BitShares, #OpenLedger, #RuDEX. However , one of the biggest advantage of decentralized cryptocyrrency exchange is high performance and low transaction cost.

Official website: https://www.deex.exchange/#

White Paper: Link


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