Important note from CryptoLux Capital about the So-Called CryptoLux ICO

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

It has come to our attention that a firm calling themselves “CryptoLux” is apparently planning to do an ICO on or around March 28th, 2018. CryptoLux Capital is in no way, shape, or form associated with this ICO.

We are posting this note with the intention of informing the public and prospective investors that we have nothing to do with the “CryptoLux ICO,” and wish to make this abundantly clear. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not condone, approve of, support, or otherwise endorse this ICO in any way whatsoever.

Furthermore, we are currently exploring all appropriate legal measures to ensure that the firm attempting to do this ICO is not able to do so under our name.

This is also an opportunity to remind investors that it is of the utmost importance to do one’s own research, and conduct deep diligence on any ICO or related investment.

In the case of this “CryptoLux ICO,” we believe it appears to be extremely suspicious at best, and would urge investors to exercise extreme caution. There’s no team or advisors listed on their website, the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy look suspicious (i.e., no address listed), the whitepaper talks nothing about a product, and so on. There have been many scams in the ICO space, as this article from Wired discusses. In addition, there are several key red flags to look for when evaluating ICOs, as this TechCrunch article details.

Again, to be perfectly clear, CryptoLux Capital does not have any affiliation whatsoever with the “CryptoLux ICO,” “CLX Coins,” the “CryptoLux Debit Card,” or anything associated with them. We urge investors to conduct their own research, and to avoid questionable or suspicious ICOs in general.

It is unfortunate that others are attempting to capitalize on our name, and again we are taking all appropriate steps to deal with this matter.

Thank you for your continuing trust in CryptoLux Capital.