Logistics has been a part of human society right from primitive times. Even during the early days, a simple farmer would carry around his crop as goods for people to purchase. Meanwhile, with the progress of time, the supply chain grew further. As recordkeeping and complexities took over, each task became intricate and cumbersome. Currently, the logistics industry sits as the biggest money-churning section of the entire professional service section. With multi-billion-dollar ships, aircraft, and other freight carriers at the helm, the idea is to be fast and be precise.

However, despite all the investment, the supply chain has lacked…

By Clark Wayne on The Capital

The traditional financial services have always aimed at two factors at the heart of their functioning: Stability and Security. The stability is explained in terms that both the user and the provider get a negotiable end of the deal with the least financial and functional fluctuations. The security vouches for the fact that there are no losses for the organization and the user to suffer in the short and long term.

However, where these traditional financial services lack is adaptability, flexibility, and ease of work. With a variety of tasks involved, it is often cumbersome for average consumers to deal…

By Clark Wayne on The Capital

The issues of connection, conversion, and interoperation are often hard to deal with in the blockchain technology. The digital contracts that are the available operating medium on the blockchain need input from the outside world. For example, the experimental or proven data collected from a financial market needs to be the suitable input onto the blockchain for investment purposes. Or for another instance, the data collected in the form of observations or insight needs transitional input for the related insurance claims.

These conversion processes are taken care of by the middleware entities that connect to the blockchain for facilitating the…

With the rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies in the past decade and more, the market has been abuzz. However, the fiat currencies, through their structural support and backing, have still prevailed. The main ground for the skeptic reason of approach on behalf of the governments and the authorities involved have been the drastic swings in the value of cryptocurrencies. Even someone like Bitcoin saw its fair share of ups and down through the market, and that has often made the authorities term the cryptocurrency world as a grey area.

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By Clark Wayne on The Capital

In a much-expected run of the rumor mill, PayPal looks set to be jumping into cryptocurrency exchange and transactions soon. From what seems evident, PayPal and its other lighter part Venmo would be heading towards the integration of the blockchain technology. The event would further assist the payment and transactional exchange giant to explore the stream of a cryptocurrency exchange that it has been fiddling with.

According to the ongoing trends at the back end movements, it looks set for PayPal first to support Bitcoin exchange and transactions across its platform. …

The versatile singer and rapper Akon is not a new name to every household by any means. The man has been a source of inspiration for many Africans across the globe, especially the African-American share of the population. His contribution to the development and rise of African nations shall see another feather in the cap with the introduction of Akon’s crypto city plan.

Akon is one of the most active and vocal celebrities when it comes to cryptocurrency. Back in time, Akon became the first celebrity to introduce a distinctive cryptocurrency too. …

By Clark Wayne on The Capital

Unlike most of the other cryptocurrency giants, Crypto.com aims at the globalization of cryptocurrency. By this, the company also plans to establish and spread the use of cryptocurrency as the most preferred mode of every payment. Hence, the final goal also remains to globally formalize the endless potential of cryptocurrency to power every front and backend payment as well.

Over a relatively smaller period of existence of 4 years, Crypto.com has tried every aspect of payment ease and majorly succeeded. …

In an agreement that brings about a “sail-setting” change for the content writers and publishers, Coil, the micropayment-streaming expert has shaken hands with Hacker Noon. The deal will see the former investing a sum of $1 million into the funding for Hacker Noon. This enables Coil to get the authority for streaming the micropayments to the content developers who are the publishers or hosts on Hacker Noon. The micropayments will be streamed through the custom digital currency wallets or even the fiat currencies.

The $1 million invested amount is said to be particularly directed to the software development and other…

By Clark Wayne on The Capital

The idea of cryptocurrency exchange does not remain as a less explored one in the present world. Because of the high-flying profits and the ease of working, the prospects attract a lot of user interest. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency exchanges use the services of safe digital platforms.

These exchange platforms facilitate the transactions and also the other trading features. The idea is to provide an integrated environment for digital gen users to conduct the tasks. The exchange platforms work in the secured and tight-end form of blockchain. This ensures the fact that every transaction and the simultaneous record is a part…

Basic Attention Token in all its glory regarded as BAT is the way of blockchain technology redefining daily lives. The concept of Basic Attention Token also utilizes Blockchain right at its heart to visualize a better and rewarding circle.

The team extraordinaire in the form of Firefox co-founder and the lead figure of Javascript presented the concept of BAT to revolutionize Digital Advertising. Brendan Eich remains the pivotal cog who holds the brainchild at the helm too. Meanwhile, the concept dates back to 2018 with its first white paper and utilizes the decade-old Blockchain technology.

The Making of a Digital Advertising Messiah

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