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We live in a world where the internet has completely taken over everything. It has it’s advantages as well as disadvantages but the best advantage is the connectivity it provides. Starting a new business can be a cumbersome task if it is done in the conventional way. But through internet, promoting a business is very easy. Within a few clicks, we can reach millions of people. Shopping has become very easy over the internet. From groceries to clothing, we can shop everything online with everything at ease. But have you ever wondered about privacy here? You are being watched and tracked. Be aware, every activity of yours is being tracked on the internet.

But here’s a good news! Heard of That’s what I am going to put light on today. was created to put an end to the interruptive, exploitative advertising model that drives today’s web and to give individuals back ownership of their time and data. It is such a unique concept! Our data is used by them only if we permit them to. We are rewarded by them for our time and space on the web. If at all our data is to be accessed by a third-party, which is also done only after our permission, they reward us with ASK cryptocurrency which is insanely amazing! When we use other sites, there is massive exploitation of our data that too without our knowledge. Here comes the hero,! Not only you get great products, but you also get rewarded with ASK coins for your engagement with the company. It is great! Treating your customers with these rewards and benefits is a wonderful thing to do and that shows how important we are as customers.

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The new Shop & Earn is the ecommerce platform, probably the first in the world where the user is respected and the engagement of the user is valued. Permission.IO has created their own native cryptocurrency called ASK. The Shop & Earn is one of the opportunities where we can earn ASK. There are a lot more. Recently, ASK was listed on the Bithumb Global trading platform which verifies it’s existence. Now, it is very easy to own cryptocurrency with the help of ASK.

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Earning ASK on Permission.IO is very easy. Once you create your account, it just needs to be verified with your email and you are good to go. Watching product videos and participating in the advertisement campaigns can also help you earn ASK. The more people you refer it to and the more people that join through your referral link, the more you will earn. The pending actions once authenticated will be verified and the ASK rewards will be moved into your Permission wallet.

They encrypt all data when they store it or move it. For user data, the implementation of a public key/private key infrastructure using AES 256 protects the data more securely. The private key is known only to the user. An addition to this, the two — factor authentication is an enhanced layer for security of data.

Moreover, you can also use the ASK currency on Permission’s Shop & Earn page to shop for your favorite products. We can also spend BTC and ETH to shop. As it is a global platform, one can access and shop from anywhere in the world. Permission is adding numerous sellers everyday so that maximum people can reap it’s benefits.

The name says it all — never uses your data without your permission and it asks you first and then shares your data for advertisement and promotion. In return, it rewards you with ASK! As Permission never engages in data exploitation, in my opinion, this is the best alternative for online shopping!

Here’s the link for Permission’s Shop & Earn page -

Do check out the program and follow for regular updates! For more information about Permission’s activities, visit


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