Beta Testers Selected!

As we count the days towards our app release, we are happy to announce we have selected our beta testers. For everyone who has applied we want to give you a warm, “thank you.” We had over 120 applicants from 37 countries participate and we have selected 50 qualified applicants to join our Beta test.

Our desktop version goes live on March 22, 2019. If you were not selected, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to test out the application. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to be included in the perks to those who show dedication and put time with giving feedback on our product. We will be collecting beta tester feedback via and soon we will be integrating a Crowdholding widget to our own website to make the process even easier.

How will testing feedback be provided?

We will be launching weekly tasks to allow all testers to perform actions through surveys or direct feedback. You can upvote the most important feedback allowing us to prioritize fixes or changes. In addition, we will be featuring — on all our social media — a ‘beta tester of the month’ for the individual who goes above and beyond.

So why try Cryptomood?

Cryptomood utilizes AI and advanced text processing. You will be able to aggregate cryptocurrency processing data from 50,000 news sources, 4 social networks, and over 100 crypto trading blogs, right at your fingertips. We bring you the best information to make informed trades.

Ask us anything on Telegram or visit us at Happy trading everyone and may the data be with you!

Yours truly,

CryptoMood Team