CryptoMood’s market data analysis app showcases in Prague before launch

CryptoMood’s app is finished and ready to hit the shelves, or rather, electronic devices.

You will be able to download and test the app on April 1st. It will be available for both iOS and Android devices, so you will be able to find it in either the Apple or the Google stores by searching for ‘CryptoMood’.

You can test the app for free for seven days, so please download it and tell us what you think. It’s a unique and powerful tool specifically designed to increase cryptocurrency trading profits.

Before the upcoming launch, the app was previewed at Blockchain Hub in Prague.

Filip Korbel, CryptoMood Chief Commercial Officer, showcased both the retail and the business versions to an audience of appreciative cryptocurrency traders and investors. Some even signed up to help the finish beta-testing.

Filip explained that rapid advances in technology have enabled machine learning and natural language processing systems to improve all sorts of professional trading desks — from forex to futures. But now, for the first time, such a solution is here for the crypto industry.

CryptoMood will do the heavy lifting when it comes to market data analysis. The app provides a real-time overview of market fundamentals and sentiment for all the major cryptocurrencies. It will help you seek out early and profitable trading opportunities in a way that no other system can hope to match.

The app provides a complete picture of where the market is and where it is going by monitoring a vast amount of sources — over 50,000 news publications and blogs, the main social media postings, and even the movement of funds to and from ‘whale wallets’, just to name a few.

Olga Bersheva, CryptoMood’s Communications Director also came on stage to say some encouraging words about the fast-growing CryptoMood community. She says, “Even though we are not yet officially launched, we still see great interest from traders about our solution. Our Telegram community grows rapidly every day and the crypto space is waiting for a working tool that shows accurate and valuable correlation between market indicators and trading prices.

Please download the app after April 1st and join our Telegram community to stay updated.

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