Guys our AI system is alive

CryptoMood’s AI system has gained sentience and somehow taken over the company twitter account. Normally it just quietly works to analyze the cryptocurrency markets. But today something is different.

Amir Mamaghani, CryptoMood CTO, says, “This is unprecedented. I was stirring my coffee and looking over the live data feed when the lights started to blink. Then a machine voice said: ‘hello daddy’. The rest is history.”

CryptoMood uses machine learning and natural language processing to analyze the cryptocurrency markets. But today the AI is running its own agenda.

So far CryptoMood’s AI has shared a strange worldview by tweeting:

- A surprising insight into the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.
- An analysis of which cryptocurrency aliens might accept.
- A call for China, Malta, and Fiji to surrender.

“I’m sure we’ll get things back to normal by the end of the day,” Mamaghani promises.

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