4 Reasons to HODL Bitcoin Green

Bitcoin green is one of those hiddens gems most people don’t know about. It’s a brother of the original bitcoin but focused on a more sustainable ecosystems. It’s main algorithm is proof of stake. Which is way more sustainable than bitcoin and it’s miners. Bitcoin green is also a transactional currency that can be used to pay for services. According to bitcoin green, if bitcoin miners continue their efforts, they will double the energy consumption of the whole planet by 2020. This is why the bitcoin green team adopted a full proof of stake algorithm .

My first reason to HODL BITG? Their proof of steak algorithm. You can earn more BITG by simply staking your own bag. “In proof-of-stake, your mining rewards are proportional to the number of coins you hold in the network.” The wallet you use to stake will help verify transactions and mine blocks. Proof of work algorithm cause inflations because the rewards go to the third party miners.

My second reason the BITG Masternodes. 85% of the block rewards go to the masternodes stagers. That’s an amazing reward because as a masternode stalker your helping the network function properly. If BITG incorporated POW which it won’t because it goes against everything they believe in. But if they had POW. The rewards would be split even more. 10% goes to to the wallet stakers and 5% goes to the decentralized governance pool. A BITG masternode is only 2500 BITG coins. With an annual ROI of 112% currently. They’re even in the gin platform which is great for easy masternode setup.

My third reason is the following, no 51% attacks. A 51% attack in a proof of work algorithm like bitcoin can happen when a person or third party countries 51% of the mining power. Which has happened already. But under a proof of stake algorithm that can only happen if they earn more than 51% of the supply. Which is just incredibly bonkers and I think is basically impossible.

My fourth reason is BITCOIN GREENS low marketcap. Everyone knows that a coin with low marketcap can thickly rise in value if more people invest. This is why some big coins take for ever to double up while a coin like BITG can do it in a day. BITG current market cap is $8.7 million. It’s incredible low or what people call a micro cap. The best part is that it’s only on 2 exchanges, cryptopia and cryptobridge. I like this because any additional exchange added can do magic for the liquidity and price action. BITG all time high is about $11 USD, which is almost a 7x from its current value.

I’ve always considered myself an environmentally friendly person. I recycle, I re-use plastic bags, I even produce less garbage. I’m glad some cryptocurrency and blockchain companies like Bitcoin Green are trying to be environmentally friendly. It’s a feel good coin. Remember to do your own research. This ain’t financial advice by my informed opinion. To learn more visit www.savebitcoin.io or follow on Twitter @btc_green. The bitcoin green team is very active and they been doing some pretty awesome things recently. So make sure to stay up to date. This one is a sleeping giant.