Jacek Nowak — CEO of Crypton VC

New dimension of investments in the decentralized venture capital fund

Q: Could you tell how the idea of Crypton VC appeared?

A: The idea was simple. We wanted to give individual investors the opportunity to enter into projects previously unavailable to people with small capital. In Crypton VC you can buy Tokens from 1 USD and have a real impact on the selection of projects in which the fund will invest.

Q: Why did you decide to use the blockchain in building Crypton VC?

A: Because we believe this is the perfect technology for such a business model, that, at the same time, ensures security and total transparency — so…

ICO beyond question is a new trending topic in the investment market. The dream of every investor in the cryptocurrency market is to purchase several thousand tokens in ICO, which will soon increase their value several times and become a chance for getting high profits.
In the current market situation, such event is very likely to happen, however, it is necessary to tell the difference between good and reliable ICO from ordinary scam. …

Hi there! We’ve updated our FAQ

What is Crypton VC?

Crypton is a tokenized VC fund investing in promising projects in the FinTech area, other cryptocurrencies and ICOs. For our portfolio projects with tokenization features, we will provide additional financial acceleration by launching separate ICOs. We help monetize interesting projects based on our investment and business experience. We want to provide full support for investors in the still uncertain and unregulated market of blockchain-based projects.

What actual problem does Crypton solve?

The venture investments market, like crowdfunding and the crypto assets markets, is experiencing serious difficulties because many projects either…

Thinking about cryptocurrencies many people imagine themselves only a Bitcoin and created by Vitalic Buterin — Ethereum, which was meant to be not only a cryptocurrency but also a platform to create new Altcoins.

At the same time, to look deeper — the most popular market monitoring site https://coinmarketcap.com has now more than 1500 cryptocurrencies.

Looking at any altcoin through the whole market prism, we can note that the entry barriers to the cryptocurrencies market are very low. Meaning, almost everyone can emit their own token and collect the funds in the form of Initial Coin Offering.

What is ICO…

Crypton VC

Crypton VC is a connection between the crypto world and the traditional investment market http://crypton.vc

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