DRIFE — Decentralized Navigation Platform

I remember the days when we used to get to places through public transport or using cabs hailed on-spot, without prior notice. There used to be several local Travel Agencies around our neighborhood that let us hire a taxi, mini-van or another vehicle but they always came with a driver. They’d never enable you to drive the car. All this changed when private companies like Uber and Ola entered the market with their standardized fares all over the country and permitting anyone interested in being a taxi driver of forms and letting them get at any car they had lying around. The premise was simple and worked wonders in each market, be it a developing or developed one. It allowed us to hail a cab from where we had been without previous notice, helped save a good deal of deliveries, getting incentives for using their stage and offering coupons. Without the presence of too much competition, it becomes somewhat of a monopoly, together with the prices getting fixed by top players. This led to a drop in local players which were previously providing the services for a much cheaper rate. This centralization contributes to steep hikes in price or them deciding when and where their services are available.

What’s more, they generally have a substantial cut in the drivers’ charge for utilizing the point, and they can change this speed whenever they want, and nearly all the time the drivers tend to come across a lower than fair share they were supposed to get. For quite some time, prices have been soaring, and around 25 percent commission could be charged using taxi services. Passengers and drivers are on the lookout for alternatives. A fantastic reputation is significant for a company to survive and in this industry, passenger safety is the most vital aspect. There have been incident reports where actual physical abuse has occurred by both the driver and passenger. Apart from a high degree of government control, there are additional problems related to a completely centralized service of the type. These include manipulation of commission fees and private data breaches as well as the threat of identity theft. DRIFE will interrupt existing business models and take out the corporate intermediaries involved in transactions. We are the first platform in this marketplace to express the whole features of the decentralized ride-hailing economy.


DRIFE will enable both, drivers and passengers. DRIFE is a decentralized navigation system that’s encouraged by blockchain with the objective of allowing value creators in our ecosystem — which includes drivers, commuters, and community developers. DRIFE plans to interrupt current business models and remove intermediaries of companies involved in transactions. DRIFE is the primary platform in this marketplace to express the whole features of a decentralized travel marketplace. Together with the ability of Blockchain technology, the DRIFE platform strives to deliver a new paradigm to platforms that compete and solve issues that emerge from the centralized business models. New startup businesses, advanced technologies that are great, and enhanced scalability characteristics of the first blockchain have generated admiration. But more than 90 percent of those jobs don’t have practical applications or utilities. Most of them are created as sub-chains or sidechains which use the energy of a more efficient system. No matter the opportunities provided by the blockchain company, adoption for almost all these platforms is still far from reach. DRIFE offers additional incentives to community users who contribute to stage development through social interaction and community development. DRIFE also provides infrastructure for broadcasting SOS emergency signs in the area to ask assistance.

Advantages of DRIFE

DRIFE will produce a fantastic driver community, and we’re going to introduce incentives for drivers which will be able to present unique drivers to the DRIFE system and society. First and foremost, the growing driver community will be formed with no additional need for an intermediary, resulting in direct driver payments. Using blockchain technology DRIFE will create a transparent auditable and immutable ledger of transactions with a friendly user interface to get all of the information of fare payment details. All DRIFE clients will be able to see complete driver details including comments and opinions by other passengers. All the comments and traveling experience will be stored n the dispersed ledger. The DRIFE cellular program will have a unique ‘SOS’ call function for emergency any situations. DRIFE addresses the problems with a particular system where driver earnings, the passenger’s fare, and the large commission is stored. Within our governance, we will be sure the newest cyber-security systems are in place to protect our customer information. Others may use a simple rating and analysis system, but DRIFE will bring an innovative and holistic approach to gauge the services provided by drivers and reward them appropriately.

The DRIFE token (DRF) will be issued and stored on the EOS blockchain, and it is going to be used on the platform by both drivers and passengers. Using the token will enable ease of use, evidence of travel purchase with proof of agreed expenses and will also add extra value for those using the DRIFE platform. Employing example, both the rider and driver can earn bonus tokens. This will be distributed in the type of free miles for early adopters of this DRIFE Commuting APP. When the ICO sale is made, the DRIFE utility tokens will not be only limited for services but can also be available for trading on exchanges.

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