CRYPTonFly Opportunities

After hacking «The DAO» in the press and on the forums developed a discussion about the shortcomings, strengths and perspectives of blockchain technologies, in particular blockchain Etherium.
However, the success of any crypto-project is determined, in the first place, not the technology, and is determined by the two main factors — the time and the community in which the chosen technology can be implemented.
As one of the founders of the project CRYPTonFly, I believe that it is absolutely true statement and applies to any crypto-projects, regardless of whether on what technological platform they are implemented. 
Creation and development of any decentralized platform is always associated with the emergence of various vulnerabilities of the platform and failures of created applications, which are gradually eliminated, but always accompanied by a wave of criticism, and also finding of various flaws and virtues. This happened with Bitcoin, it is happening with Etherium.

Nevertheless, CRYPTonFly team sees the opportunities and prospects of Etherium, as a decentralized blockchain platform for the implementation of our project, but again I repeat, this is not a huge significance to implement CRYPTonFly, which is designed to motivate and stimulate people to an active lifestyle in different areas of the real world, by charging of cryptocurrency CRON to users for performed activities that can be authentically measured and verified using smart phones and other telecommunication devices.

Our team started the development of a universal decentralized platform on blockchain Etherium on open source, where any user can create own applications and business projects, for example, crypto-projects on creation and monetization of new activities and loyalty programs (Loyalty Programmes), related to routine human life in the surrounding real world with the ability to charge rewards in the CRON to other users for the performed of any activities (actions).
I remind that CRYPTonFly project will consist of a set of online services: mobile application «CRYPTonFly», Web site , CRYPTonFly payment system and own Exchange, which are in the stage of development and testing.

Advertisers (owners of shops, cafes, supermarkets and other retail and catering networks, etc.) can themselves appoint premium rewards in CRON to users for defined activities and set the size of premium rewards for visiting and purchases in shops, cafes, supermarkets and other retail and catering networks, etc), by buying CRON on any cryptoсurrency exchanges.
CRYPTonFly plans to take a small commission from premium rewards.

As one of the founders of the project, I will be grateful to you for all comments, criticisms and any suggestions, which we will try to take into account during the development of the project.

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