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Hello crypto enthusiasts! I am most well known as @Nilla082 aka Crypto Nilla on Twitter. I am a crypto investor that has been following Bitcoin since 2012–13. Surprisingly I did not make my first purchase until June 2017 though. I would label myself as a swing trader, however; I also mine, stake, and buy for long term holds. In this bear market of 2018, it’s hard to do a lot of trading so I have been focusing more on masternodes/staking coins (like FOR) and my mining rig.

I have been following Force since their masternodes were around 1.5btc back in April 2018 from a twitter shill by @cryptomocho. He actually started posting about it back in Jan 2018 but I guess I missed those calls. Like most coins, FOR has retraced with the rest of the market. This is a second opportunity for anyone that missed one of the, if not “the”, biggest bull runs crypto has ever seen. I wrote this article to talk a little about Force and to explain why I think it’s a great buy right now.

About Force

In a nut shell, Force is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency solution aimed at protecting your internet privacy. It will be a decentralized network where you can upload and download data privately and securely. Here is a link to their whitepaper which explains in detail how Force works ( It is a community takeover project with some great people behind it. I am fairly active on their discord and the Force team have been more than willing to answer any questions I have had.

Force’s closest competitor is the TOR network which many of you are familiar with. There are many differences between the two but you would really have to favor Force in this day and age. Here is a link to a great comparison article of Force and TOR and why Force is the better choice (

It is important in this day and age to protect your information. Just look at the recent news with Facebook and how some of their data was sold off on the black market. Selling data makes people lots of money. They are selling such things as phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses, credit card numbers, health records, SSNs etc. With some of that information, one can easily take over your identity and ruin your credit and make your life miserable!

Upcoming from the Team

Speaking with the team, they have quite a few surprises in store for us in the near future. They would not share any details but that said it is going to be “RAD”. If they keep up with the roadmap, I believe that will prove to investors that it is a sound investment. Check out their roadmap below. I did not like the fact that there were no dates, but speaking to them in discord, they are close to having a working product. This project being a community takeover and the fact that no one is currently being paid at the moment, it is understandable that there are no dates.

Force is a Great Investment

As I have mentioned, Force is a POS cryptocurreny. As of 8/18/18, their masternodes currently require 500,000 coins. They have been discussing possibly implementing another tier of node that will require less coins but that has not been set in stone as of yet. The devs are currently tackling more important issues at the moment.

The issue with many masternodes are they pay out way too many coins which causes people to dump them continuously which runs the price to the ground. This is not the case with Force. The masternodes are currently pumping out 43% ROI which is very reasonable. Can your 401k plan do that? They have a decent amount of coins locked up as well (40%) with a total of 112 active masternodes. Higher % of coins locked helps stabilize the price. Holding a masternode or staking a smaller amount of coins is a great way to accumulate coins in bear markets and not have the stress related to trading down trends. Remember…..the trend is your friend!

Current pricing

As of right now, FOR is at a great price. It’s around Dec 2017 prices and I don’t think that will last too much longer before the accumulation period is over and prices start to go up. It will cost you right around .45btc to pick up a masternode at today’s prices if you can find the volume at that price. CryptoBridge currently holds the most volume and is the ideal place to buy. There is quite a price gap between buyers and sellers which makes picking up this coin at cheap prices kind of difficult. Current price gap is 68 for buyers and 86 for sellers which is a 21% diff in price. I would recommend staggering in your buy bids which will help average down your buy price.

The coin is currently listed at 839 on It has a Market cap of $817k. There is a TON of room to grow. This is one of those low cap gem coins with huge potential. It is the type of coin that will create life changing money for you. Just look at some past coins and where they are today. The people getting in to crypto right now and investing in gem finds like this will be the ones retiring in a few years.


Currently FOR is listed on only 2 exchanges

-Crypto Bridge

-Stocks Exchange

They have been accepted to Bitfineon which should launch in Q3 2018.

Social Media

So like I have mentioned before, Force is on Discord and a lot of the other popular social media platforms. Here is a list of their social networks so you can check them out.






Other Helpful Links






I am bullish on Force Network. I think the project is great and will have real use case. I believe the current price is reasonable and a strong buy. I would like to see them get some paid devs in the near future and add dates to their roadmap. Hopefully they will list on some larger exchanges soon.

Please do your own research as I have done mine. This article is in no way a “call” signal. You are responsible for your own actions. I did not push that buy button for you! Hope you enjoyed it and good luck trading!

Informations mentioned in this article is continuously changing. Price action in crypto is very volatile. Please update yourself with prices and information. I can only tell you what was happening at the time of me writing this article. DYOR



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