CryptoNite Club x Kollect AMA AMA Recap

πŸ“Œ Don’t panic! You’re not banned, you are just muted for portions of the CryptoNite Club x Kollect AMA Session.

⚠️Total Reward pool: $100 worth of BUSD


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πŸ“† β€” January 13st 2022

⏰- 01:30 PM UTC

πŸ“- @Cryptonite_club

We will have the following structure:

Part 1️⃣: $50/5 users β€” We’ll select 5 questions from the community. A user can post maximum 3 questions. 5 Questions will be selected from our twitter page β€” please submit your questions in the comments section ,

Post link β€”

Part 2️⃣: $50/5 users β€” Open chat for ~180 seconds. You can post Max 3 questions. Kollect will select 5 questions and answer them.

CRYPTONITE CLUB β€” We are pleased to announce the AMA session with Kollect!
Today our guest is Ethan Chae (@ethanchae), the CSO of Kollect.

Ethan Chae (Kollect) β€” Hi @ANDYM2999 and Cryptonite community. It’s a pleasure to be here today to present about Crust Network and the premium service that we have just launched last week.

CRYPTONITE CLUBβ€” Nice to e-meet you!

Ethan Chae (Kollect) β€” Nice to e-meet you all! I am delighted to be here tonight to meet the members of CryptoNite and to speak more about our project, Kollect!

CRYPTONITE CLUB β€” How are you all doing today? Ready for a great AMA session? πŸ˜‰

Ethan Chae (Kollect) β€” Doing great! Let’s go!

CRYPTONITE CLUBβ€” We are really excited about the upcoming AMA with you!
First of all, please tell us a bit about yourself and a brief intro about Kollect please?

Ethan Chae (Kollect) β€” Again, it’s a pleasure to e-meet everyone! My name is Ethan and I am the CSO at Kollect. I take care of the Biz Dev and blockchain related strategy such as the tokenomics and incentive programs within the Kollect Ecosystem.

Kollect is the first yield-generating and IP-driven NFT collection book in the GameFi space. Users can purchase Kollect NFTs to complete yield generating collection books and battle with friends on-chain in original play-to-earn card games. $KOL is the utility token of the Kollect ecosystem, and holders can enjoy exclusive perks and drops. Kollect envisions becoming the premium hub for NFT collectibles and play-to-earn games.

CRYPTONITE CLUBβ€” Thank you! Let’s go to the next question.

Ethan Chae (Kollect) β€” Awesome!

CRYPTONITE CLUB β€” Can you tell us a bit about the kollect team and their experience with cryptocurrency and development ?

Ethan Chae (Kollect) β€” Of course!
Vincenzo Lee is the CEO of Kollect. He has 20+ years experience in the gaming industry, and IP industry. He has worked with multiple top gaming companies and has led them through multiple successful projects. These experiences laud a solid foundation for Vincenzo and our team to build Kollect and provide us with the neccesary resources and network to help Kollect turn from a vision into reality.

I introduced myself earlier! I am Ethan Chae, a U of Chicago Alumni, and the CSO at Kollect. I play a core role in Kollect’s overall strategy, branding, and business development

Harry Lim is the CTO and product lead of Kollect, and he is a KAIST Alumni. He has over a decade of experience in the technology sector and played a leading role in many projects, such as Project Director at Innospark, Senior Project Manager at SmileGateRPG, Founder of Rock Ho, and developer of ToonixGalaxy in collaboration with Cartoon Network Asia.

Our team also consists of Crypto veterans along with a network of partnerships where advice and guidance are given to us whenever needed! A strong mixture and collaboration between veteran game developers and crypto enthusiasts is the backbone of Kollect

CRYPTONITE CLUB β€” Very detailed answer! You have an super experienced team.🀩🀩
Tell us, What are the main features that distinguish you from other projects and what competitive advantages do you have?

Ethan Chae (Kollect) β€” Kollect envisions to become the hub for NFT collectables and play-to-earn games for recognized brands and IPs.

Although there are so many NFT platforms and the market is quickly becoming saturated, there are apparent issues that have no been addressed such as difficulty onboarding new users, use cases of NFTs, and most importantly, lacking FUN!

We creating Kollect so we can help address these issues and catapult the growth that the NFT space has to offer

The fact that we solve all these problems where other projects are lacking make it our competitive edge.

Onboarding Non-Crypto Users: With our partnerships and globally recognized IPs, we believe that we can help convert the non-crypto public into the market by making the technology approachable towards the respective IP fandoms using already familiar characters and stories.

Extracting value of Owned NFTS: Once you minted an NFT, there wasn’t much the owner could do to interact with the NFTs other than trading and hoping for an increase in its demand and thus price. We plan to incorporate methods such as our one-of-a-kind Collection Book so that NFT owners can further leverage their assets and stake them to earn yield.

Lack of Fun: Collecting needs to be fun and interactive, but a lot of NFT games weren’t really high-quality games that were fun to play. It seemed like the users were forced to repeat the same actions for the sake of profit. Our PVP Card Battle Game along with our RPG in development offers users both fun high-quality games, along with a chance to be highly lucrative.

Our main features include: IP-based NFT collectibles, Synthesis System, Collection Book system, Enhancement system, NFT Games using Kollect NFTs, Marketplace, and more.

CRYPTONITE CLUBβ€” So many cool features!
Please tell us about the $KOL token! What are the token use cases, distribution, and how to buy/get it?

Ethan Chae (Kollect)β€” KOL is essential to actively participate within our ecosystem.

$KOL will be used for following functions and duties:

Game: Users use $KOL to pay for transaction fees to convert their NFT in and out of games as well as to level up cards.

Store: Users use $KOL as a payment currency to buy NFTs and packs with discounts. Users that hold $KOL will also be eligible for increasing the odds of unlocking rare cards and pack whitelisting.

Synthesis: Users use $KOL to pay for synthesis transaction fee as well as holding to increase the odds of minting rarer cards

Collection Book: Users must stake $KOL in order to receive the NFT staking reward (in $KOL). The user can also stake more $KOL for a higher reward boost.

Trading: Users can use $KOL to pay for transaction fees

Contract Address

Find $KOL here:







ZT Global

Sorry for the mass messages! Luckily these lists are always readily available on my desktop! :)

CRYPTONITE CLUB β€” Haha it’s okay😁
Here is the Last question from my side.

Where can we find out more about Kollect. ? Can you share all your social media links?

Ethan Chae (Kollect) β€” Of course! Give me one second. I have that list ready too!


Ethan Chae (Kollect) β€” Kollect Links
Kollect’s Testnet:
Telegram Global:
Telegram Announcement Channel:

Kollect Local Communities (Telegram)
Telegram Thai:
Telegram Japan:
Telegram Indonesia:
Telegram Vietnam:
Telegram Turkey:
Telegram Korea:
Telegram Spain:
Telegram Germany:
Telegram Russia:
Telegram Portuguese:
Telegram Taiwan:
Telegram Philippines:

CRYPTONITE CLUB β€” Thanks Ethan for the great introduction, we have several questions which were selected for the 1st part. Ready to start?

Ethan Chae (Kollect) β€” Ready!

β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€”
Q1) The advantages of the Kollect card,not only is it a unique collection with gamified functions, but I can also participate in World of Cards and in the completion of the collection book,could you explain each of these events and if having the Kollect card is enough to participate?

A1) This is quite a loaded question so apologies in advance for the long answer!

Let me find give you the definitions released to our members so that there isn’t any confusion! Apologies if the messages get long!
Kollect’s Collection book system is one aspect within its ecosystem that addresses the current NFT market’s lack of utility. It has a unique built-in play-to-earn feature, allowing users to strategically stake their cards in different collection books to earn rewards and yield.

There are two types of Collection Books: Private and Public.

Public Collection Book
Public Collection Books are competition-based. Kollectors compete with one another to claim the limited slots available in the Public Collection Book. These limited slots are mostly comprised of the rarer cards within the ecosystem and thus are significantly harder to claim than the slots in the Private Collection book. Once a user has the card necessary to claim a spot, they must then also stake a sum of $KOL. The user will be rewarded based on both the amount of $KOL staked, along with the NFT’s rarity.

Private Collection Book
Private Collection books are like individual missions and are completion-based. Unlike the Public Collection Books where users must compete with each other and gather the needed cards before the slots are all claimed, there is no rush for public collection book completion. The more of each collection you successfully collect and stake, the greater your rewards. If your collecting prowess comes into play and you are able to successfully complete a whole collection, such as gathering all the female power ranger cards, you can stake the collection itself for bonus and hidden rewards!

World of Cards is a card game where users can use their Kollect NFTs and integrate them into the game. Each NFT card that users hold will hold their own in-stat games and will be able to strategically battle friends, as well as play individualized story modes. The details regarding this game will be further details and disclosed closer to the release of the game!

In general however, having Kollect cards along with $KOL for transactions is enough to play the game! The amount of needed cards may differ depending on the game but we plan to create an ecosystem so that as many users can participate, have fun, and earn rewards!

CRYPTONITE CLUB- Thanks for your detailed clarification! Let’s proceed to the next question.
β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€”
Q2) During the build of your project, do you take into account any of the community feedbacks or demands to further expand the new ideas for the project?

A2) We absolutely take into account the community and their feedback regarding new ideas for the project! Even during the testnet, we made sure to specifically create channels such as #testnetfeedback on our discord so we can get here about the experience from our valued members! We have also created events asking for feedback from Kollectors! We will continue have bounty programs and means to rewards users giving our project feedback and how we can make a more pleasurable experience for them.

You can also see our dedication towards our community and their feedback through all the different localized groups that we have created and manage. We do not want language to be a barrier from Kollectors entering our project, nor should it be something that limits our users from giving us their valued feedback. We will continue to expand our communities, and provide events and programs where they can help us build a platform that is best for them.

CRYPTONITE CLUB- Thanks for those interesting details, clear answers are very appreciated for our community.
β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€”
Q3) Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to Your platform and keep them long term?

A3) We plan to continously market to all sorts of audiences that we believe will have fun with us and can be interested in our unique project! As of now, some major target audiences that we are targeting and match well with our platform are gamers, profit seekers, and fandoms of our IPs/Future IPs

1.) Our high-level games will bring joy to users and will attract users that want to enjoy high-quality games. (Gamers)
2.) The Play-to-earn aspect of our game will bring in those looking for rewards and profits (Profit Seekers)
3.) Introduction of world-famous IPs and Brands will bring in their respective fans (Power rangers fans, Ruler of the Land Fans, Munchie Kings, Voltes V, and the fandoms of our future IPs)

CRYPTONITE CLUB- Great! Let’s move to the next question.
β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€”
Q4) I’m a developer, and I’m interested in contributing to #Kollect project alongsides earning, Do you have any Bug Bounty to check for vulnerabilities ?

A4) A4 β€” As of now, we do not have any events or bounty programs specifically checking for vulnerabilities. An event that we do have currently running is the testnet feedback that we are getting from users. During this, all feedback is taken into consideration and a reward is given to those with the best feedback! Of course, feedback regarding vulnerabilities and bugs are prioritized in the feedback event.

We will also make sure to create Bug Bounty programs and events so that Kollectors can also help create an awesome environment! We also take Bugs and vulnerabilities extremely seriously, which is why we are going to make sure to get all the help we can get!

CRYPTONITE CLUB- Okay, here is the last question from Twitter
β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€”
Q5) I read that a Kollet #Testnet is currently underway. My question is, what are the requirements to be able to participate in this Kollet network test? What benefits do you plan to gain from this Testnet? How will the users who participate benefit from it?

A5) You are correct! Kollect’s testnet is currently underway at

If you have a Desktop/Laptop along with internet connection, you are eligible to join our testnet! The step-by-step guide on how to join our testnet and interact with its functions are details in the testnet guide that is released on our medium. I will link it below for convenience!

Kollect Testnet Guide:

The benefit that we get from this testnet is the opportunity for our Kollectors to try it out and leave us some valuable feedback! We hope to take into account as much feedback as possible and make the necessary changes before the official launch. That way, we can reduce the amount of bugs, problems, and make an overal better experience for all when its officially live.

Kollectors also get to benefit by getting a better feel of the system, the UIUX, and exactly how the system revolves as of now. That way, when the platform goes fully live, they will have a better understanding of how it all revolves and can start their collecting journey for rewards!

β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€”

CRYPTONITE CLUB- Thank you very much Ethan for sharing. Now get ready for the most emotional part of our AMA β€” live questions!!!🀩🀩

Ethan Chae (Kollect)- Lets go!!!!!! Excited!
β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€”

Q1) How is the transaction, will we be subject to a large tax for each transaction? How is the transaction speed? is there any instructions to make a transaction?

A1) We recently announced our partnership with Polygon specifically to tackle the issues you speak of here! With polygon, Kollectors will be able to purchase, synthesize, stake, and more all while enjoying transaction speeds 10 times faster than Ethereum, and gas fees that average a fifth of a cent!!

A more comprehensive step-by-step guide will also be made to make sure all users know exactly how and what to do!

β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€”
Q2) Can you list 1–3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

A2) 1. NFT Collectibles with Convertibility: The NFTs offered in Kollect are high-quality artworks derived from IPs with existing fandom. We will begin with Power Rangers, but more will come in the future. Our NFT cards are not just collectibles; they are characters, items, and much more in the universe that is to be built around the Kollect ecosystem.
2. Play-to-earn Games that are Fun: From game experts’ point of view, existing blockchain gaming projects lack details of high-quality games. Usually built as experimental projects by people with little experience in the gaming industry, the NFT games have plenty of room to improve. Kollect brings decades of game development experience to the young market.
3. Platform with Scalability: Kollect is not a platform for single IP like Axie Infinity or NBA Top Shot. Nor is it a platform for one activity (either trading, collecting, or gaming) only. We can serve all. One exceptional feature of our NFT cards is that they have been created with games in mind. Initially, all the NFT cards in the Kollect platform can be used in our card battle game. In the future, the NFT cards will be related to the games featured in our launcher.

β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€”
Q3) Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision making, do you put community into consideration ?

A3) In the beginning, we are centralized in the sense that only our partners provide Contents and IPs to the project. But once the platform is actively running, we will hand over the governance of the platform to DAO. DAO will decide the listing and funding of the projects.

β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€”
Q4) How did you get the community involved in developing the project? and how do you build a strong community to grow globally?

A4) Our plan about globalization is to create localized community groups so that a language barrier isnt whats preventing future Kollectors!

We realize that are community members all around the world need accesss to information that is localized and translated for ease so we have created many communities with even more to come!

Below I will attach some of our localized communities for your reference!
Telegram Global:
Telegram Announcement Channel:
Telegram Thai:
Telegram Japan:
Telegram Indonesia:
Telegram Vietnam:
Telegram Turkey:
Telegram Korea:
Telegram Spain:
Telegram Germany:
Telegram Russia:
Telegram Portuguese :
Telegram Chinese:

β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€”
Q5) Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space.

A5) We are confident that each aspect of our Platform will do so!
Our high-level games will bring joy to users and will attract users that want to enjoy high quality games. (Gamers)
The play-to-earn aspect of our game will bring in those looking for rewards and profits (Traders)
The introduction of world famous IPs and Brands will bring in their respective fans like Power rangers fans, Ruler of the Land Fans, and the fandoms of our future IPs. (Collectors)

β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€” β€”
CRYPTONITE CLUB- Thank you very much Ethan for your answers and your time!
Do you have anything else to share before we conclude the today AMA?

Ethan Chae (Kollect)- No problem at all! It was my pleasure!
Please make sure to join all our communities to get the latest news! We have some BIG BIG announcements and dates that will be presented so stay connected! #PowerRangers #VoltesV #MunchieKings #Cobra

CRYPTONITE CLUB- It was an amazing AMA! You are doing a very beautiful and high-quality project!

We are honored to have you here today. Best of Luck Kollect team!




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