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Let’s face it

Let’s face it, you won’t be able to conduct a successful IEO unless you have a fully-operational and fully compliant prototype and unless you’ve clinched a listing deal with a major exchange with actual liquidity within its community of retail investors, and traders.

Among all the IEOs that were held in 2019 on cryptocurrency exchanges, only a few projects have been able to raise decent capital and only on selected exchanges.

Public token-sale vehicles such as ICOs and IEOs have always been a subject of positive and negative scrutiny from every party involved in crypto. Regulators, lawmakers, cryptocurrency exchanges, retail and private investors, developers, Blockchain applications, and crypto enthusiasts have all contributed to the current state of this “cryptonised” crowdfunding model, whether by elevating it and making more accessible or by stifling it. …

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Learn how to conduct your IEO Marketing: Create, Nurture, Convert

  • Quick facts about the IEO
  • IEO Marketing VS ICO marketing
  • Goals and KPIs
  • IEO Marketing guide: the 10 actions to integrate for a successful IEO marketing campaign



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