Will BitMEX be outshined by PrimeXBT as the Best Place to Trade Crypto with 100X Leverage?

Ryan Symes
Feb 22, 2019 · 3 min read

Prime XBT recently emerged onto the crypto scene and is gaining momentum expeditiously with the number of traders using the high leverage trading platform significantly increasing with each passing week. When Prime XBT went live on Feb-4th-2019, more than 150,000 people were on a wait list to access the trading terminal, due to the profitable opportunities presented by its impressive feature-suite.

Prime XBT is one of only a small handful of crypto trading platforms that offers the possibility to margin trade with as much as 1:100 leverage and to enter short positions in falling markets. Up until now, BitMEX has dominated the role as ‘the #1 place’ to short-sell and access such high leverage, having met the demand of hungry traders who very much want to utilize these strategies, however, only on Bitcoin alone.

BitMEX is now met with a more than viable contender to potentially take the leading position, as Prime XBT offers the exact same possibilities but on a greater range of top performing crypto-assets, which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, and XRP.

Furthermore, BitMEX only deals with Bitcoin, whereas on PrimeXBT you can deposit and withdraw funds in a large array of cryptocurrencies, as well as USD and EUR by its integration with Changelly.

Both Prime XBT and BitMEX stand out with some of the lowest fees on the crypto market. Compared to other influential exchanges like Bitfinex for example, which charges commission fees between 0.1–0.2%, while BitMEX only takes a 0.075% commission fee and PrimeXBT goes even further to only take 0.05% commission fee.

Last but not least, another important and differentiating factor between BitMEX and Prime XBT is the user-interface. Hands down, Prime XBT’s UI is more enjoyable and user-friendly, no matter your trading skill level. This is achieved by its default simplistic, yet sophisticated screen design that can be customized to your liking. Users can add/remove widgets that they do/don’t use, resize different sections of the page such as the chart, order book, dashboard, etc., so they can focus their attention to where it is needed and to their individual preference.

With respect, BitMEX successfully pioneered the first reputable high leverage crypto trading platform, but as evolution would have it, PrimeXBT is ideally positioned to surpass them with an enhanced product that was built with the advantage of lessons learned from the past.

To find out more, check out https://PrimeXBT.com. There are no KYC requirements, you can be signed up and trading anonymously in less than a minute.

Ryan Symes

Written by

Blockchain Dev, Working with Solidity and HyperLedger

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