Crypto Packaged Goods: Community-Building NFTs

Crypto Packaged Goods is an NFT project with three objectives:

  1. Create community at the intersection of crypto, consumer, and web3

Here are the details on the drop:

  • Mentor Pass Airdrop
    A dream team of 50 Mentors receives an airdrop of Mentor Pass NFTs

The brilliance of these 50 Mentors can not be overstated. And we’re empowering them to organically curate the community by airdropping them an extra pass for sharing with a peer or mentee. In the process, many will be onboarded onto the magic of web3. 🪄

So what can you do with a CPG NFT? All passes grant access to the following:

  • Private Club CPG Telegram Chat
    Direct access to our community of crypto and consumer mentors, mentees, and influencers

Essentially, we’re seeding the ultimate Telegram rabbit hole, pairing some of the best minds in the sector with emerging thinkers and operators. We expect tremendous value creation for all involved—not just in connections made, but in education and ideas generated.

Additionally, we will be donating all profits from the public sale to Project Potluck, a nonprofit that supports the growth of CPG businesses owned and operated by people of color.

How to get a CPG NFT

There are three ways to get a CPG NFT.

  1. Be one of our CPG Mentors that receives the initial airdrop.

View collection on OpenSea

What’s the difference between the passes?

There are ten variations of Member Passes, all of which grant the same access, and are of equal rarity. Mentor Passes are only airdropped to a curated group of mentors.

How to access the Telegram group

Step 1: Verify that you have a CPG NFT in your wallet. All CPG NFTs grant access to the group.

Step 2: Join the Telegram by clicking this link.

Step 3: A bot will prompt you to connect your wallet to Telegram. This is a web3 onboarding that will unlock the private chat. That’s it!


Questions? Visit our FAQ, email us, or DM Chris Cantino.



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