Crypto Detective Role| Become part of the crypto elite!

If you like investigating and evaluating blockchain projects as a side business, then this is a unique opportunity for you to earn passive income while you do it.

Becoming a Crypto Detective is a strict and selective process and you will have to pass the verification to qualify for the selection. Every candidate has the opportunity to become a Crypto Detective and he or she will have a unique opportunity to evaluate blockchain projects that will give them the potential for passive income.

Who is a Crypto Detective?

A Crypto Detective is an expert who has the necessary knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain to evaluate a blockchain project with expertise and accuracy. Verifying the transparency and validity of a blockchain project, finding potential scams, red flags, advantages or disadvantages and writing a specialized report about a blockchain project.

What does the Crypto Detective get?

  1. Passive income from crypto reports
    Every report that a Crypto Detective writes will be available to access on Crypto-Potential. Investors who are interested in a specialized report from Crypto Detective will find valuable information and purchase the report. The Crypto Detective will earn income every time the report gets accessed.
  2. Passive income from ICO promotion
    ICO’s that want to promote their project on Crypto-Potential will apply for the promotion. Before they can be promoted on Crypto-Potential, their ICO will first have to be verified. Once they are verified by Crypto Detective and are given a passing grade, they will compensate the promotion with their own coin/token. The Crypto Detective will earn coins/tokens from the promotion compensation which value will appreciate in time.
  3. Incentives for writing and verifying crypto reports
    If there is a request to write a report, Crypto Detectives who fulfill that need will be incentivized with CP Token. The same applies to Detectives who help with the verification of written reports from other detectives. They verify if a crypto report should go public and receive CP Tokens for that.
  4. Crypto Detective certificate
    Each Crypto Detective starts at Level 1 and by adding the value with each evaluation he brings to the community he climbs to the higher levels. Each level commands more respect, reputation, and profits.
  5. 25% discount
    Crypto Detective applicants have access to CP token at 25% discounted price during the pre-sale period.

How to become a Crypto Detective?

Becoming a Crypto Detective is a selective process where your skills will be put to the test. There are no limits on how many Crypto Detectives will be chosen.

  1. Fill the Crypto Detective application form
    Apply here:
    This is the first step in identifying yourself as a blockchain expert. Answer the questions to give a clearer picture of your skills.
  2. Crypto evaluation test of our choosing
    It is time to put your skills to the test. You will investigate and evaluate the blockchain project of our choosing. Fully investigate a given project and write a report about the project in a format (pdf, doc, odt, etc.) that best suits your writing style. This is a freestyle evaluation where you will have the freedom and creativity to make it your own experience. You will be given a task and you will have 14 days to evaluate the project with a written report.
  3. Interview
    If you came this far, that means you did many things right. You are close to becoming a Crypto Detective so we want to know more about you, introduce you to the team and talk about next steps. Have a private call with our team where we will get to see how you will fit in the role of the Crypto Detective.
  4. Results announcement
    You will receive an email with the results of your testing. If you get promoted to the Crypto detective, it will be announced on Telegram and Twitter.
NOTE: Make sure to join Twitter and Telegram for official announcements about the next steps so you do not miss anything important.

Frequently asked questions

Will Crypto Detective stay anonymous?

No. Crypto Detective identity will not stay anonymous when they write reports, their identity will be public. Their Level and Reputation will be available to customers because it gives more transparency to the reports they write. Disclaimer in Crypto report will be added which removes all responsibility from Crypto Detective if they should face any negative fallout which might result from writing factual-based reports.

What will the CP tokens be used for?

CP tokens will be used to gain access to digital services of the Crypto-Potential platform (premium membership, discounts, Crypto reports, and ICO promotion). They will also be used for rewards like Crypto Detectives promotion writing and submitting reports.

How many Crypto Detectives will be selected?

There are no limits on how many Crypto Detectives will be chosen. Every candidate who shows expertise and knowledge in blockchain and in writing a specialized report will become a Crypto Detective.

Are there any restrictions on who can apply for Crypto Detective?

You have to be of legal age to apply and become a Crypto Detective. There are no country or other restrictions.