Promote ICO with your own coin/token

If you are promoting your ICO and looking for more exposure without thinking about expenses, you can now promote the ICO with your own coin/token.

You probably know about the ways to promote your ICO for free on other Cryptocurrency related websites but how much does that really help if you do not get featured. How will anyone find you among the hundreds of other ICO’s? Even if you decide to pay for the featured promotion it will have to come out of your pocket in either fiat or ETH/BTC.

Crypto-Potential accepts your own coin/token as a compensation for the ICO promotion. Say goodbye to your budget problems. All ICO’s will first have to go through the verification process before being listed, ensuring only quality ICO content.

📈 For Investors

Top ICOs table contains only verified and assessed ICOs by Crypto-Potential. Those ICOs have a high potential of getting the support and have a prospective future for the investors.
The criteria for the ICO validation is:

  • whitepaper
  • legitimacy
  • business
  • purpose
  • team
  • website
  • experience in the chosen field
  • social media activity


  • The Top ICOs have passed through the validation process
  • A quick overview with key information of Top ICOs is presented in the table
  • Redirection to their website
Table of verified ICO’s

🚀 For ICO’s

If you have an ICO and this promotion would help you build more awareness and find more supporters but at the same time you need to watch on your budget, you have a great opportunity on Crypto-Potential to promote your ICO with your own coins/tokens. Crypto-Potential is determined to stay legitimate and trustworthy and the promotion will not be driven by fiat-money compensation but rather with your own coins/tokens. However, in case the ICO insists on fiat-compensation, this can also be taken into consideration with the just and fair-minded validation process.

Apply for the promotion and you will go through the verification process. If you pass, your ICO will be listed.

NOTE: After successful validation, the ICO chooses the amount of compensation for the table placing. Positions will be determined by the compensation amount. Top 3 ICO’s with highest compensation amount will be featured in the ICO slider on the home page.


  • ICO promotion with own coin/token
  • Potential investors and community will be informed about the ICO
  • The listing in the Top ICOs table and successful validation will be shared on social media
  • A chance to get featured in the ICO slider
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Promote ICO with your own coin/token