How to increase your daily Tron SR payouts!

The NTFM wallet allows you to earn TRX in 2 ways:

  1. In the infographic above we explain in brief how the NTFM Tron token trading bot works on telegram. It also describes how a user can earn dividends in the form of TRX by just holding NTFM tokens in his/her NTFM wallet
  2. You can also use the TRX in your NTFM wallet to vote for SRs in the Tron elections. You would get paid TRX everyday for your votes.
  • Use the private key available in your NTFM wallet to open your wallet on TronScan.
  • Freeze your TRX tokens and vote for one of the SRs in the list.

Get your NTFM wallet on telegram @NTFMbot

If you need any help or assistance with the wallet or have any questions — you can ask them in this group on telegram @NTFMhelp