UBEX ICO Review-One of the Best ICO in 2018

The digital advertising market has been currently developing throughout the previous 4 years; its size has surpassed the span of the TV portion in 2017. This is a noteworthy occasion for the promoting market. A standout amongst the most encouraging sections of advanced promoting is automatic commercial, which demonstrates a normal yearly development rate of over 23% against a 4% development rate of non-automatic portions. As per the gauges of Magna Global, the market size of promoting programming will reach $42 billion by 2020. Ubex proposes to take care of these issues by consolidating every one of the benefits of automatic advances, neural systems and shrewd contracts in a solitary framework. Through this approach, Ubex gives a progress from the conventional pay-per-click plan to the installment for focused activities, which is the most reasonable and intriguing model for all market members. We present to you the Ubex project — a worldwide, decentralized trade of automatic publicizing in light of neural systems and savvy contracts. The mission of Ubex is to make a worldwide promoting biological system with an abnormal state of common trust and most extreme effectiveness.

Ubex is a worldwide decentralized publicizing trade, working completely based on neural systems with the utilization of blockchain and shrewd contracts. Ubex permits entry from the conventional pay per click plan to the model of installment for focused activities, the most reasonable and fascinating model for sponsors.

At the core of Ubex’s promoting acquiring calculations, lie neural systems that procedure data about every guest to the part systems’ sites. The neural systems assess the interests of clients, figure the probability of focused activities for all promoter offers, and pick the most appropriate commercial. On account of this, part arrange site guests see just those advertisements that are maximally restricted to their interests, and which would persuade them to satisfy the objective activity with greatest likelihood. In this way, Ubex amplifies the focusing of publicizing and the financial proficiency for promoters.

The Ubex publicizing trade will be situated at www.ubex.com and it will have an advantageous interface that will work with the trade administrations from PCs, tablets and cell phones. The two principle segments for publicists and distributers will be introduced on the site.

The Ubex group will produce through an Ethereum Smart Contract an ERC20 standard UBEX TOKEN (UBEX)

The UBEX Token isn’t a security or an utility token. In view of the finish of our lawful accomplice, Мме lawful, UBEX Tokens are resolved to be installment tokens as of now utilized in the https://app.ubex.com application as a unit of count amongst promoters and distributers for publicizing administrations rendered.

  • Ubex: Service for Advertisers
  • Make an offer and indicate the business terms
  • Select a gadget or make your own
  • Select the interests of the intended interest group, the season of showcases, topography and other criteria.
  • Dispatch a publicizing effort and screen the outcomes.

Ubex means to take care of the issue of low trust in the buy of computerized publicizing. Keen contracts take into consideration making the relationship of publicists and distributers (proprietors of promotion openings on destinations) as straightforward and reasonable as would be prudent, and in addition limiting the dangers for all gatherings. By applying such an approach, Ubex permits section from the conventional pay per click plan to the model of installment for focused activities, the most reasonable and fascinating model for promoters.

What Problems Does Ubex Seek To Solve?

Ubex trusts clients, promoters, and publishers — the three members in the worldwide publicizing ecosystem — are confronting different issues with the present promoting frameworks, including:


  • Unimportant or irritating notices
  • Excessive charge for items and administrations because of various delegates and high commissions
  • High dangers because of the utilization of coercive promoting techniques by tricksters


  • Vulnerability of accomplishing results as promoters are compelled to pay for clicks and showed advertisements without an assurance of real deals
  • Trouble in making sense of all accessible promoting channels, prompting higher overhead costs and the need to contract extra staff
  • Inadequacy in certain promoting channels, with the insufficiency just getting to be evident after the financial backing has been spent


  • Battle to discover publicists to fill promoting spaces
  • Face low profit and the powerlessness to conjecture future installments from publicists
  • Installment delays and non-installments from deceptive or low-quality promoters
  • Ubex trusts it can take care of these issues utilizing a decentralized promoting trade. We should investigate how it functions.

Token info



Token Type:ERC20

Available for sale:2,880,000,000 UBEX (72%)

Total supply:4,000,000,000 UBEX

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